Fiat Punto Abarth completely DESTROYED; Yet driver walks out alive

Fiat Abarth Punto launched as a true blue hot hatchback in India. The car’s really fast, and can easily hit 180 Kph. Recently, an Abarth Punto was involved in a massive accident on the NH2, which left the car in shambles. Yet, the driver miraculously walked away with just a few scratches. We explain.

What could have gone wrong?

Fiat Punto Abarth completely DESTROYED; Yet driver walks out alive

The driver of the vehicle has survived the crash and has escaped with minor bruises, but there are conflicting versions on how the crash actually happened.  One version states that the driver was doing a speed of over 150 Km/h when he lost control of the vehicle and hit a truck. The car then rolled over multiple times to end up in the roadside ditch. The information comes from a friend of the owner, who reportedly shared it with a social media group.

The second version claims that the vehicle was doing only 80 km/h when a truck came in his lane suddenly. To avoid the truck, the Abarth Punto took a sharp left and rolled over multiple times. It then came to rest after hitting a tree. The vehicle has taken a huge hit, and the same can be seen in the pictures. The engine had also come out of the bay during the roll overs.

The Abarth Punto has also lost one wheel completely while the driver side front wheel has been crumpled badly. The dislodged engine, broken alloy wheel, and the crumpled roof are a testimony to the severeness of the accident. From the looks of it, the second version looks more accurate even though the speed may have been much higher than 80 Kph. Whatever be the case, the driver is one lucky man, for he walked out of this massive crash.

Fiat Punto Abarth completely DESTROYED; Yet driver walks out alive

Driver escaped with minor injuries; Miracle or seatbelts?

Fiat Punto Abarth completely DESTROYED; Yet driver walks out alive

Even though the vehicle has taken a huge impact, the driver has escaped with only a few minor bruises. It shows the importance of using a seat belt while driving. The pictures also show that the A-pillar is still intact, which shows the sturdy build quality of the Punto.

While there were multiple roll-overs, the driver escaped head injuries due to the seat belt. We could not make out if the airbags opened during the accident as the deployment of the airbags depend on the location of the first impact. If the first impact happened on the side, the airbags would not have been deployed.

Images courtesy Team-BHP

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