Fiat resumes production of the Abarth Punto

Fiat has always been known for making hot hatchbacks in the Indian market. It started off with the Palio 1.6 and then came the Abarth Punto, a car that won the hearts of everyone who drove it. While the Abarth Putno is fabulous to drive, it still didn’t manage to set the sales charts on fire, sadly. In 2016, the company stopped production of the Abarth and now, it seems they have resumed production.

Fiat resumes production of the Abarth Punto

The reason for stopping the production was that they wanted to prepare the line for the upcoming Jeep Compass and also due to the fact that the Abarth was slow selling and they had a lot of 2015 cars still left in the stockyard which they needed to get rid off. After a long while, the company has produced one lot of Abarths, which means that there will be 40 of them. This has been done in both the colours, black as well as white, which are the only two colours the Abarth is available in. The company still had stock of a few 2015 cars, however only in white which were being offered at discounted rates.

Powering the Abarth is a 1.4 liter turbo petrol unit which makes 145 Bhp and 212 Nm. The engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. While the 2015 Abarth got a very basic infotainment system, it is believed that the 2017 model will get the infotainment system from the existing Punto Evo, which means it will have a touch screen unit with in-built navigation. The Abarth is priced at a very attractive Rs 9.90 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi which makes it a bargain for what it offers.

When we put the Abarth to test against the GT TSI, it became clear that even a remapped GT TSI couldn’t take on the Abarth. Sadly thought the company has been only selling single digit numbers of the Abarth for the past few months.

Source: Team bhp