Fiat to open separate dealerships soon

Fiat cars will soon be displayed at exclusive Fiat showrooms. The Fiat Linea and Punto have always been sold via Tata Motors showrooms, and buyers often complained that the salesmen were interested in selling Tata cars instead of the Fiats they came to the showroom for.

Hence we can now expect Fiat to sell cars through separate dealerships instead of the joint Tata-Fiat dealerships. In the coming months, Fiat India will open its own dealerships across India. The current 178 Tata-Fiat joint dealership covering 129 cities via which Fiat sells its cars, will likely be the foundation for the upcoming Fiat dealerships. Hence it wouldn’t be a surprise if your neighborhood Tata-Fiat dealer starts an exclusive Fiat dealership in a new location.

Fiat to open separate dealerships soon
Photo: Fiat customers will now likely get better treatment at Fiat only dealerships

In the business point of view, the company which will manage the commercial and distribution activities of Fiat could also be the parent company for the Fiat Group brands such as Alfa Romeo, Jeep and Chrysler brands. These brands are expected to launch their models in Indian market in the next couple of years. Also read: 2013 Fiat Linea Facelift photos from Turkey, may come to India next year!

The new Fiat sales and service networks should be a ray of hope for Fiat customers who had been experiencing step motherly treatments at dealerships when getting their cars serviced. Would you feel safer buying a Fiat Punto or Linea after the company opens new dealerships?