FIFTEEN affordable cars offering 6 airbags

FIFTEEN affordable cars offering 6 airbags

Safety is something that isn’t given a lot of importance in our lives. One look at how people drive and behave on the road is a reminder to that fact. Cars on the other hand are becoming safer and safer as the days pass. While most people still opt for cars without safety features, there are a few cars that have done the additional way forward to offer 6 or more airbags to protect the occupants. Here are 15 such vehicles:

Ford Figo

figo 6 airbags

The Figo is the cheapest car in the country today offering 6 airbags. It also happens to be the only car in the segment to offer the same. Ford has been very particular about safety since they introduced this vehicle and it shows.

The 6 airbags are available on the Titanium + variant, in both diesel and petrol guise. The petrol one is the cheapest car to offer 6 airbags and starts at Rs 6.37 lakhs ex showroom Delhi. The automatic Titanium version also has the 6 airbags as an option.

Hyundai i20


Hyundai offered 6 airbags on the igen i20, however after they launched the Elite, they removed the option of 6 airbags. Now though, things have changed and the company has finally introduced the Elite with 6 airbags as well. This will only be on offer on the top of the line Asta (o) trim in both petrol and diesel engine options. Prices for the petrol start at Rs 7.76 lakhs.

Ford Aspire

aspire 6 airbags

The Aspire is the only compact sedan in the country today to offer 6 airbags. This one, like the Figo hatchback gets it on the top of the line Titanium + variant in both petrol and diesel versions. Price for the petrol starts at Rs 6.89 lakhs.

Hyundai i20 Active


The Active is the rugged version of the i20. Unlike other vehicles that have just have the cladding, this one has been raised as well. The Active, like the i20 offers 6 airbags on the top of the line SX trim, in both petrol and diesel avatars. Pricing for the petrol is Rs 8.34 lakhs.

Ford Ecosport

ecosport 6 airbags

As you can see, a trend is being formed here. Since the Ecosport is a global product, the company decided to offer 6 airbags on the Indian version as well, a good move. This is the only sub 4-meter SUV to have side airbags on offer. The Titanium + trim offers the same on the petrol manual and diesel variant, however the petrol automatic Titanium variant also gets the 6 airbags, which is a nice addition. Prices start at Rs 8.75 lakhs for the Titanium automatic version.

Hyundai Verna


Till now, the Verna has been the only mid-size sedan to offer 6 airbags, a thing that is soon going to change with the arrival of the all-new Honda City in a week from now. The Verna has the 6 airbags on the top of the line SX (O) trim and is offered in both petrol and diesel avatars. Price for the petrol one is Rs 10.85 lakhs.

Honda City

6 airbags

According to the Honda’s new teaser site which has been setup for the City, the new facelifted version of the City will feature 6 airbags. This will make it the first affordable Honda to receive this treatment. While we are not aware of variant and pricing details currently since the model is yet to be launched, we shall bring you more on it when the launch does take place.

Hyundai Creta

creta 6 airbags

The Creta is a very popular compact SUV in India and is currently at the top of its segment. Like other Hyundai’s here, this one also has the option of 6 airbags on the top of the line SX(O) trim. This is sadly on offer only on the diesel manual variant.

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