Finally! Maruti wants the Swift Sport for India

Finally! Maruti wants the Swift Sport for India

The Swift has always been a sporty offering from Maruti ever since it was introduced way back in 2005. Where the international market got a 3 and 5 door Swift Sport, our Indian market sadly never got it. Now though the company hopes to improve on that by offering the new Swift Sport here. According to a report by Autocar India, Maruti is evaluating the possibility of bringing in the new Swift Sport into the country.

2017 Maruti Suzuki Swift Render 1

Why is it good news?

Well, we already know that the new Swift that is headed our way will be a lot more sporty than the outgoing version. Since they already have the Baleno as their premium hatch, they can experiment a sporty angle with the Swift and appeal to the enthusiasts rather than the mainstream buyer.

Where the normal Swift will either get a 1.2 liter K series engine or a 1.0 liter turbo petrol, the Swift Sport will get a 1.4 liter turbo petrol making 140 Bhp. The Swift has always had a lot of fan following for being a sporty car and there are many people who were disappointed that the current Swift Sport wasn’t launched.

Those people will be very happy to learn the fact that the new one will be coming our way. The other advantage that the Swift Sport has is the fact that it has gone on a heavy diet and lost weight. The new Swift is based on the Baleno platform and the company has given importance to weight saving.

This low weight will help it accelerate quickly and also make it more fun to drive. Not only that, the suspension setup and the dynamic characteristics of the new vehicle will be setup towards making it a more rewarding experience behind the wheel.

Lower weight, stiffer suspension setup, powerful engine and a direct steering will make it a really interesting contender to the hot hatch segment.


Pictures that have been leaked of the new Swift are those of the Sport and not of the normal Swift. Hence you see the large wheels, the rear diffuser with dual exhausts and a more aggressive front end. On the inside, the new Swift will get a touch screen system and an all new dashboard. There will also be a new flat bottom steering on offer if the spy shots are to be believed.

Why didn’t we get the previous version?

2017 Maruti Suzuki Swift Render 2

The main reason behind that was lack of excise benefit which would have pushed the price up high. Also, our market wasn’t mature enough to appreciate sporty hatchbacks that were expensive. Things are slowly changing with the arrivals of the Polo GT TSi and the Punto Abarth.

What has changed now?

People now have understood the point of the hot hatchbacks and this is a growing segment. Maruti is already getting in the hotter Baleno RS variant later this year with a 1.0 liter turbo petrol making 108 Bhp and 170 Nm. The segment will soon see Tata enter with the Tiago Sport at one end and VW enter with the GTi at the other end.

In short, this segment is growing. While the new Swift is expected to be unveiled in early 2017, the Swift Sport will only come later in the year. If they happen to price the car right, they certainly have a winner on their hands thanks to the brand loyalty that the Swift enjoys.