Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman arrives in a Skoda Octavia sedan [Video]

On our website, we have featured videos of celebrities with their expensive and luxury cars and SUVs. They often travel in such cars and are often spotted on the road too. These expensive cars are part of their lifestyle. Another category of people who move with a convoy are politicians. We have several videos of politicians traveling with multiple security cars around them. Depending on the position they hold, the level of security also increases. Here we have a video where Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs, Niramala Sitharaman is seen arriving in a Skoda Octavia sedan.

The video has been shared by @IESofficer on their YouTube channel. In this video, the Union Minister is seen arriving at a railway station. We feel it is a railway station in Maharashtra. Just like other ministers, Nirmala Sitharaman is also seen with  a bunch of security vehicles. However, she is not using an expensive or a luxury car like some other ministers in the cabinet. As Nirmala Sitharaman was arriving, police officers made necessary arrangements. They had completely cleared the area and had asked civilians to move. One of the officer can be seen asking a biker to move the vehicle out so that the area is clear.

The first car in the convoy is a Tata Sumo. The car is used by local police and it is being used as a pilot vehicle. The car behind the Tata Sumo is actually Nirmala Sitharaman’s Skoda Octavia. Like most politicians in India, Finance Minister’s car is also finished in white and the car looks like a standard sedan. The driver stops the car in front of the entrance and the driver gets out and opens the door. After that he opens the boot and takes the luggage out. The officers who were on duty then ask the porters go and pick the luggage that was there in the minister’s car.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman arrives in a Skoda Octavia sedan [Video]

Nirmala Sitharaman can be seen walking toward the entrance of the station and that is where the video ends. There was a Mahindra TUV300 and a couple of Toyota Innova Crysta MPVs behind the minister’s Skoda Octavia. The cars belonged to the security team following the minister. Skoda Octavia is a premium sedan that is offered in the Indian market. We currently have the fourth-generation sedan in the country. Skoda currently offers Slavia, Octavia and Superb in the sedan segment.  Slavia is the latest sedan that was developed for the Indian market specifically under Skoda’s new brand strategy.

There are reports that Skoda will be discontinuing the Superb and Octavia sedan from India this year. The reason is said to be the Real Driving Emission (RDE) norms which is basically the next phase of BS6 emission norms implemented in 2020. The new norms will come into effect from 1 April 2023. As part of making the car RDE compliant, manufacturers will have to upgrade the semiconductors to monitor throttle, crankshaft positions, air intake pressure, temperature of the engine, content of the emissions from exhaust and programmed fuel injectors to control the level of fuel burnt. All these things would increase the price of the car.