Fire-breathing Honda City – We explain how a flame thrower works [Video]

While most car aficionados and driving enthusiasts in India add a free-flow exhaust to their cars, the owner of the first-gen Honda City, you see in this video, has instead gone for a flame-thrower kit. Yes, unlike a performance exhaust, a flame-thrower kit does little to improve a car’s performance. That said, it does help your car look cooler.

The first-gen Old Honda City, aka OHC, still enjoys a huge fan following. Hence, it’s fairly common to see some car enthusiasts modifying their OHCs to enhance their looks and performance. Like we said, a flame-thrower doesn’t improve a car’s performance. However, it does make it look funky to some. Here are some details about this device.

How does an exhaust flame-thrower work?

An exhaust flame-thrower system can be activated through a button-controlled electronic circuit that is wired to the car’s ignition. The system also consists of a spark plug installed near the tip of the car’s exhaust. On pressing the button that is wired to the ignition, the ignition spark plugs are temporarily deactivated. Hence, the air-fuel mixture that goes into the engine cylinder does not get ignited and is pushed out unburnt in the exhaust stroke. When this mixture reaches the tip of the exhaust pipe, the spark plug fitted at the tip ignites this mixture. The resulting flame is thrown out of the exhaust pipe.

What do I need to fit an exhaust flame-thrower to my car?

For an exhaust flame-thrower to work, the car should have a straight pipe without a catalytic converter. Also, the exhaust tip should have an adequately large diameter exhaust tip to make sure there’s a good amount of flame.

What about performance and fuel efficiency?

The flame-thrower kit doesn’t improve the performance of a car. Also, fuel efficiency takes a hit when using this system. Basically, the fuel burning in the exhaust pipe is wasted.

What does it cost?

Autobacs India Pits is selling the flame thrower kit for Rs 12,500. You can get it shipped to anywhere in India after paying the shipping charges. You can get in touch with the customiser by clicking the link below.

Video courtesy – Autobacs India Pits on Facebook