First Bajaj Dominar 400 videos in the real world

Bajaj just launched the Dominar 400 at an enticing price of Rs. 1.36 lakh. And the Indian company has received an overwhelming response for the pricing. Even as Bajaj is yet to hand out motorcycles to the media, their showrooms across the country have started showcasing the latest bike. Here are a bunch of enthusiast videos of the Dominar 400 that gives you an idea on how the bike looks, and feels on the road.

Dealer-level launch of the Dominar 400 and gives first impression here:

We get to know that the riding position of the Dominar 400 is really relaxed. Jasminder, who is 5’11” says that seating posture is relaxed and will be helpful during long rides.. The video also shows the smooth humming sound of the Bajaj Dominar 400. Also, the all-LED headlamps are showed in the video.

The brilliant set-up of LED lamps always stay on with the Always Headlamp On (AHO) feature and they are really super bright. Bajaj claims that the headlamp of Dominar 400 can be seen from a distance of 1.5 km during night. The video also shows the TFT console that gets flat colours.

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Complete walk around video

In the video, you will get a very explanatory walk around of the Dominar 400 and first impression of the motorcycle.

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Long Highway Ride

Here is another video where the motorcycle has been taken on long highway ride. The person says that the exhaust note of the motorcycle is really good and has a good bass to it. It sounds like a premium motorcycle and has a heavy exhaust note in low and mid range. The person also talks about the braking and says that the rear brakes are not as good.

The person further says that the motorcycle feels very light and can be ridden very comfortably within the city limits too. As per the reviewer, the quality of the Dominar 400 is excellent and plastic used is very good. About the engine, the Dominar 400 delivers very linear power. The seats are optimally comfortable while the reviewer faced no heating issues from the engine.

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Top Speed – 167 km/h

Here is a video where the person takes the Dominar to the top speed of 167 km/h. The speed has not been measured on the GPS and there may be some speedo error. As per the video, it was the maximum limit of the motorcycle, and it did not feel like the motorcycle will cross that speed.

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KTM 390 Duke Vs Bajaj Dominar 400

As you know the engine of Bajaj Dominar 400 is derived from the KTM 390 Duke. Both the motorcycles are powered by the 373.3cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. In the KTM 390 Duke, the engine produces a maximum of 43 BHP while the power has been retuned to 34.5 BHP in the Dominar. Here is how the motorcycles fare against each other in the real world.

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