First big crash of the facelifted Kia Seltos: Both passengers safe [Video]

kia seltos facelift crash featured

Kia recently launched a heavily updated version of its most popular offering in the Indian car market, the Seltos midsize SUV. Along with a slew of exterior and interior updates, Kia also worked on improving the safety of the new Seltos by offering six airbags, hill start assist, electronic stability control, vehicle stability management, and a tire pressure monitoring system as standard across its lineup. Now, the first-ever crash of the new Kia Seltos facelift has been reported in India, indicating the enhanced safety of the new version.

A YouTube video from the channel of Prateek Singh reports the first accident of the Kia Seltos facelift, which occurred in the town of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. The video shows a few clips of the aftermath of this accident, with the front of a white-colored Kia Seltos badly damaged after the collision.

According to the information shared in the video, the Kia Seltos shown in the video collided with a pole mounted on a divider in the middle of a road in Jabalpur. At the time of the accident, there were two people in the Kia Seltos, including the driver of the SUV. While the actual cause of the accident is not yet confirmed, it is possible that the Seltos was involved in the accident due to over-speeding or while attempting to avoid someone who might have entered the road in front of the SUV.

First big crash of the facelifted Kia Seltos: Both passengers safe [Video]

The visuals of the Kia Seltos facelift crashed into the divider show that the front profile of the SUV has been completely damaged, including the headlights, front bumper, hood, grille, and radiator. However, it’s reassuring to see that the Seltos absorbed the impact quite well, with no damage to the pillars or roof of the SUV. The front windshield also cracked due to the accident, and the airbag on the co-driver’s side deployed as a result of the impact. Based on the visuals, it appears that the variant of the Kia Seltos involved in the crash is the top-spec GTX+ variant.

A couple of years ago, Kia came under scrutiny when the pre-facelift version of the Seltos received a below-average three-star rating in Global NCAP crash tests. Since then, questions have been raised about the safety standards applied by Kia to its products in India. However, this very recent accident involving the Kia Seltos facelift indicates that the SUV has improved its build quality, resulting in a sturdier and safer vehicle.