First cop to buy Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 explains why she chose the motorcycle

Royal Enfield is a known name amongst biking enthusiasts. The manufacturer has created a separate niche customer segment that continues to remain loyal to the brand. They surely have their own reasons. Reasons include the retro look it offers or the comfortable seating provided by the manufacturer compared to the rest of the bikes in the market. Right now, the brand is focussed on its flagship models. The Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650. Just like other bikes launched by Royal Enfield, these two bikes are also doing exceptionally well in the market. In fact, the Interceptor 650 is one of the most affordable twin-cylinder bikes available in the market. Let’s look at the story of an Indian lady police officer who bought the Interceptor 650 and her reason to go for this particular bike.

The video is uploaded by Biker Prakash Choudhary on his youtube channel. The video uploaded by Prakash shows the lady police officer collecting her brand new Interceptor 650 from the showroom. Thereafter, she is also seen riding her brand new bike along with two other Royal Enfield Himalayan riders on the streets of Telangana.

Prakash is seen interviewing the police officer to find out why she chose this particular bike. The lady officer looks extremely happy and proud to purchase the bike and gives a fitting reply to the vlogger. She replies stating that she wanted to prove to fellow riders on the road that ladies are just as capable as men to handle a bike that is rather masculine. However, she continues sharing the story of her first Royal Enfield which she bought back in 2015. In 2015, she bought her first 350-cc Royal Enfield, continuing her own little tradition, she upgraded to the 500-cc

Royal Enfield in 2017. She even used all these motorcycles to patrol the streets at night and has received appreciations from her seniors for this bold move. She continues to tell her story about how she stumbled upon the choice of Interceptor 650. She went out with a couple of hundred bikers for a breakfast ride once, where she rode the interceptor 650 and instantly fell in love with it. However, she was concerned about the weight of the bike and wasn’t sure if it was right for her. Fellow riders encouraged her and she practised riding the Interceptor 650 and finally decided to purchase one for herself.

First cop to buy Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 explains why she chose the motorcycle

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 comes with a 650-cc twin-cylinder engine. This oil-cooled and fuel-injected motorcycle generates 47 Ps and 52 Nm of peak torque. It is fitted with a 6-speed transmission and the engine is tuned to meet the latest BS6 emission norms. Interestingly, Royal Enfield is known to work on a cruiser motorcycle based on the same platform which has been recently spotted testing on the roads.