FIRST-ever BMW G 310R vs Bajaj Dominar drag race [Video]

The BMW G310R is barely a few weeks away from entering the Indian motorcycle market. The G310R has been developed by BMW Motorrad in collaboration with TVS Motor Company. The G310R, however, is likely to cost more than the Apache RR310, which means it will end up becoming a direct rival to bikes, such as the KTM RC 390 in terms of price positioning. In terms of the body form and engine size, however, it will become a really expensive alternative to the Bajaj Dominar 400. Here’s a video from Columbia that shows a drag race between the two motorcycles (Drag race starts at 5:42).

Frankly, we never expected the Dominar 400 to outclass the G310R. However, the two rounds of drag racing that were conducted between the two motorcycles highlight the huge gap in the performance delivered by these motorcycles. As can be seen in the above video, the BMW G310R is the quicker of the two motorcycles. It establishes a lead over the Bajaj Dominar 400 right at the start of the race. Also, the Beemer goes on to extend its lead as the race progresses. The G310R is several meters ahead of the Dominar 400 by the time it reaches the finish line.

Two rounds of drag racing were conducted between the two motorcycles. The BMW G310R emerged as the winner of both the races. Each time, the G310R was quick to establish a huge lead over the Dominar and maintained it till the finish line. From this video, it’s easy to note how easily the G310R can outclass the Dominar 400 in a drag race. The BMW G310R is powered by a 313-cc, single-cylinder engine that outputs 35 PS and a peak torque of 28 Nm. In comparison, the Dominar 400’s 373.3-cc, single-cylinder engine offers 35 PS and 35 Nm. The BMW G310R has a kerb weight of 158.5 kg, which makes the motorcycle much lighter than the 182 kg Dominar 400. It’s this higher kerb weight, which makes the Dominar 400 slower in spite of the extra torque on offer.

The video you see above is in Spanish. Hence, we might have missed out on some of the points. We’ll hopefully have a clearer picture once we get to ride the much-awaited G310R in India.

Video Courtesy – Full Gass on Youtube