First-gen Toyota Fortuner beautifully transformed into latest Toyota Legender

toyota Fortuner type 1 to legender

Since its debut in India, the Toyota Fortuner has been an unstoppable force in the premium SUV category. Even today, the Fortuner is an inarguable option for its mighty road presence and unquestionable reliability. In fact, many first-generation Fortuners are still plying on Indian roads hassle-free. Recently, Autorounders uploaded a YouTube video featuring a heavily customized first-gen Toyota Fortuner, which has been modified to look like the new Fortuner Legender.

The modification project was carried out by Autorounders, who completely revamped the front look of the SUV. The vehicle received a slimmer and more aerodynamic front, with an edgy grille, all-LED headlamps, and a front bumper with dynamic LED turn indicators from the Fortuner Legender.

The side profile of the customized Fortuner looks neat, with the rear transformation looking more evident. It gets the look of the Fortuner Legender till the A-pillar and retains the look of the first-gen model beyond that. The vehicle features stylish-looking front fenders and alloy wheels from the Fortuner Legender but retains its original door panels and window panels. The rear profile of the SUV also looks heavily tweaked, with the design of the boot lid taking cues from both the first-gen model and Fortuner Legender. The slim LED tail lamps from the Fortuner Legender are placed a bit lower here, along with the license plate housing with the chrome garnish plate above it.

The customizers also worked on the interior of the first-gen Fortuner. The SUV received tweaked beige leather upholstery to make it feel fresh. The dual-tone dashboard and inner body panels of the SUV were restored, making the cabin feel as fresh as that of a new SUV.

The first-gen Toyota Fortuner was a sales success right from the start, becoming one of the bestsellers from Toyota in India to date. The SUV was available with two diesel engine options – a 2.5-litre engine and a 3.0-litre engine. The 3.0-litre engine was offered with the optional four-wheel drive system, which gave the Fortuner the ability and solid reputation of a go-anywhere vehicle.
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What are legal modifications in India?

First-gen Toyota Fortuner beautifully transformed into latest Toyota Legender

You can make certain changes to your vehicle, such as changing its color, adding minor accessories like rain visors and bumper corner protectors, upsizing tires and wheels, or even swapping the engine, as long as they do not violate the original specifications set by the manufacturer, within the limits prescribed by the carmaker, and with prior permission from the RTO in the case of engine swaps. Violating any of these rules can result in a fine of Rs 5,000 per alteration or imprisonment for up to six months.

However, it is not legal to make structural changes to your vehicle in India. The Supreme Court of India and the Motor Vehicle Act prohibit such modifications from being used on public roads. These modified vehicles can be used as project cars on private properties, such as a racing track or at a farmhouse, but they may be seized by the police if found on public roads.