First gen Volkswagen Vento facelifted into new generation model – Stunning paint job [Video]

The mid-size sedan Vento, produced by the German automotive giant Volkswagen, was one of the most successful models ever sold by the company. However, with advancements in technology and platform, the model was discontinued and replaced by the all-new Virtus GT. Nevertheless, the car was built solidly, and for this reason, a number of first-generation models are still running in the country. Recently, the owner of one such first-gen Vento decided to get their car completely repainted in a sporty grey color and convert it into a newer iteration of the same model.

The video of the facelift and repaint of this Volkswagen Vento has been shared on YouTube by Autorounders on their channel. Autorounders is one of the most popular shops in the country that does a ton of facelifting and repainting jobs. They have workshops in three locations: Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad. This particular Vento was taken to their Pune workshop. The video starts with the owner of the shop introducing the project where he mentions that this car will be getting a facelift and painted in Skoda Kodiaq’s Steel Grey Metallic shade.

First gen Volkswagen Vento facelifted into new generation model – Stunning paint job [Video]

He shows the car in a brief walkaround and mentions that it has already been painted before. He states that the car is currently in poor condition, and there are a ton of defects in the paint. He adds that he is not bashing anyone for the previous job but mentions that not using higher-quality materials and a paint booth could result in some of these defects. Following the introduction, he mentions that the car will be getting an all-new grille, a newer generation front bumper along with new taillamps and a rear bumper. He also mentions that the side moulding of the car will be changed, and the alloy wheels will also be given a high gloss black color.

After the introduction, the car gets completely disassembled, and the technicians start stripping off the paint from the car’s surface. The car, after the sanding process, has all the dents removed with the use of professional-grade equipment. Moving on, the technicians then add a ton of body filler and sand it down to remold the panels back to the stock format. They then apply a glazing putty and sand the car to smooth it before spraying the entire car with primer.

First gen Volkswagen Vento facelifted into new generation model – Stunning paint job [Video]

Once the primer is sprayed, the car then goes into the paint booth where the painter paints the Skoda Kodiaq’s Steel Grey Metallic color on the car. Following this, the finished car is shown in the video. The owner, before the finishing of the car, mentions that the car has been fitted with genuine front and rear bumpers and side moldings. He added that for the headlights, they went the aftermarket route and used the leadlights with sporty red accents in them. After the job was complete, the review of the owners was taken. The owners of the car mentioned that they were fully satisfied with the job, and the shop had exceeded their expectations.

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