Here is India’s first “LEGALLY modified” Kia Seltos compact SUV

Nope, there is no certification or official confirmation that this is all ‘legal’. We think it is, yes. This Seltos has modifications that are not likely to get you into trouble with the law.

Why is this so? Because the modifications are tasteful but minor, and purely visual. A court verdict recently clarified that minor additions or deletions such as stickers are alright. However, remember that all such stuff does not matter to the RTO or traffic cop who may decide your modification is illegal. In that case, only way out is to pay the fine and remove the mod. We think its unlikely provided the mods are purely visual, and minor such as chrome removal or stickers, as in the case of this Seltos. Now that our disclaimers and qualifications are over, let us get on with the story!

Kia launched the all-new Seltos in the Indian market last year and since then, it has remained as one of the top-selling vehicles for the manufacturer in the Indian market. Kia is currently at the number 5 spot in the market, especially due to the popularity of the Seltos. While the Seltos has become a common sight on the roads, there are a few examples of modified Seltos SUVs too.

This is the Seltos GTX variant that comes with a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine and also gets a 7-speed automatic DCT transmission. The GTX variant looks very different from the Tech Line Seltos due to a few red highlights and more aggressive parts like bolder looking front and rear bumpers, red highlights on the brake callipers and few other such changes.

This Seltos from Karnataka has received an all-black theme. At the front, the chrome surrounds have been removed and now it gets an all-black border. Also, it gets smoked headlamp with black highlights that form a shadow on the counters of the bumper. Even the foglamp housings have been given an all-black treatment, making this white coloured Kia Seltos GTX look much more aggressive. As the mods are all tasteful though minor, it has enough oomph to turn heads.

The owner has also upgraded to aftermarket multispoke alloy wheels that look quite good on the vehicle. The exact size of the aftermarket alloys are not known but they seem to be of 17-inches. A few changes have been made on the rear of the Kia Seltos too. It gets black bumper with black highlights on the chrome strip that connects both the tail lamps. Even the lens of the rear tail lamps is tinted and add a sporty touch to the vehicle. The bonnet lid gets big black stickers that go well with the whole theme of the vehicle.

It should be noted that such visual modifications are allowed in India as long as there are no structural changes done to the vehicle. However, you can be stopped by the cops even for such modifications in India so one needs to be careful around while modifying the vehicles. The exact cost of this modification job is not known but it should not cost more than Rs 50-70,000 depending on the cost of the alloy wheels.