Mahindra Thar Wanderlust edition, in the flesh and on the road!

Mahindra is the only manufacturer in India that offers factory custom vehicles. The leading SUV manufacturer offers various customisation options for their SUVs including the Scorpio and the Thar. The Mahindra Thar, in particular, gets some extreme customisation options. Earlier this year, Mahindra unveiled the Wanderlust official customisation at the 2018 Auto Expo. Here is what the vehicle looks like on the road.

Mahindra Thar Wanderlust

Mahindra Thar Wanderlust edition, in the flesh and on the road!

The Wanderlust edition is an official customisation that can be ordered by customers. Apart from the price of the vehicle, the customisation costs around Rs. 13.8 lakhs. The monstrous price tag on the vehicle matches its monstrous stance on the road. The pictures come from Udaipur, Rajasthan, where the Thar has been delivered by Mahindra customisation.

Even though the Wanderlust edition is based on the regular Thar, it is hard to find a resemblance given the number of accessories. It is painted in a rather subtle colour with a camouflage job on the bonnet. Unlike the stock Thar, it gets a hard rooftop. It gets gullwing-styled doors that open wide enough to give access to the rear seats too.

Mahindra Thar Wanderlust edition, in the flesh and on the road!

On the outside, the Wanderlust looks all-new. It gets flared wheel arches, new LED headlamps with new circular DRLs that also double up as turn indicators. The Wanderlust rides on 33-inch big block tyres wrapped on steel rims. The wheels are set in negative offset. The vehicle seen in the pictures also gets bright yellow highlights on the tip of the snorkel and other places like the wheels, and the front towing hooks. There are four auxiliary lamps placed on the roof.  Further increasing the road presence are the front off-road spec bumpers and a high lift jack placed on the bonnet.

The vehicle is designed for the prominent Royal family of Udaipur and it also gets a plaque placed on the dashboard that confirms that this is the first ever Wanderlust made for a customer worldwide. The vehicle has been delivered to Maharaj Kumar Lakhshyaraj Singh Mewar. On the inside, the Wanderlust also gets bucket seats and front facing rear seats. The dashboard now gets a touch-screen infotainment system. The customisation is much more practical than the stock Thar for the people who want to use the vehicle daily and it is much more capable off-road too.


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