Get fitness certificate for 15 year old car/motorcycle every 6 months: Government

The Indian government is working on ways to promote the use of EVs in India and is also looking into avenues to curb usage of very old vehicles. This is being done chiefly in a bid to curb air pollution among other things. For the same, the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) issued a draft notification this week for making amendments to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules. The draft is aimed to promote adoption of electric vehicles, provide and implement a system for the scrapping of old vehicles, and introduce disabled-friendly features in public transports among others.

Fitness Test Mauritius

According to a report by Goodreturns, the ministry has proposed that vehicles older than 15 years will need to get a fitness registration every six months, down by half from the existing requirement of 1 year. Further, the fee for renewal of vehicle fitness certificates is also proposed to be increased. This means that the fees for conducting a fitness test, granting of the fitness certificate as well as the renewal of the fitness certificate for vehicles older than 15 years will see an increase in the draft becomes a law.

Moreover, rules and fees regarding other vehicles that are less than 15 years of age have are also set to be altered. According to the draft, vehicles up to eight years old will have to renew their fitness certificate every 2 years while those older than eight years but less than 15 years will need to get it renewed once a year. Apart from this, the draft also aims at introducing new ways to promote the scrapping of older cars. For the same, the draft has proposed exemption on the registration fee for buyers who scrap older ones. The draft reads

“The newly purchased Motor Vehicles of the categories …..shall be exempted for the payment of fees for the purpose of issue of registration certificate and assignment of new registration mark subject to condition that motor vehicle is presented for the registration along with the scrapping certificate of the previously owned vehicle of same category issued by the authorised scrapping centre/agency and the scrapping certificate not utilised for any other such cases in past,”

While all these rules haven’t been implemented yet since it’s yet a draft, they’ll be could soon be turned into a law going by the pace at which the government is working towards changing the automotive scenario of India. The same draft also proposes a hike in registration fees of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles. What remains to be seen now is if the government will develop the required infrastructure needed for the success of EVs in the country and how much time will that take.