Five affordable bikes that hit 100 faster than the VW Polo GT Tsi

Five super affordable bikes faster than the VW Polo GT TSi

In India, most people look at bikes as a cheap mode of transport. However, people buying bikes nowadays are looking for a lot more than just a commuter. Their bike need to be quick, sporty, allow long distance cruising and also deal with the daily commute. Here are 5 bikes that are faster from knot to 100 than a Polo GT Tsi and are roughly 1/5th the cost of one.

Mahindra Mojo

295cc, 27 Bhp & 30 Nm, 0-100: 9.50, Price : Rs 1.63 lakhs (starting)


The Mojo marks Mahindra’s entrance into the Sports tourer segment. The Mojo has a 50cc advantage over its direct rival, the CBR 250R. This translates into better torque figures that improve the bikes ride-ability. The 295cc liquid cooled engine makes 27 Bhp & 30 Nm. The engine is mated to a 6 speed manual gearbox. 0-100 comes up in 9.5 seconds making it quicker than the Polo GT by a whisker.

KTM Duke 390/ RC 390

373cc, 43.5 Bhp & 35 Nm , 0-100: 5.70 seconds, Price: Rs 1.90 lakhs (starting)


The 390 siblings are the fastest bikes available on sale in that price bracket. The 373cc liquid cooled engine makes 43.5 Bhp & 35 Nm. The 390 is blisteringly quick and manages the 0-100 run in 5.70 seconds. You can choose between the RC & the naked version depending upon your usage. The RC is more of a track focused bike where as the naked version can be used for touring as well.

KTM Duke 200/RC 200

200cc, 25 Bhp & 19.2 Nm, 0-100: 9.20 second, Price: Rs 1.38 lakhs (starting)


The Duke 200 marked the arrival of KTM in India. The RC 200 came a lot later though. Powering both of them is the same 200cc engine making 25 Bhp & 19.2 Nm. 0-100 comes up in 9.2 seconds. What is impressive is the low & mid range on the bike. This is a great alternative to those finding the Duke 390 too powerful.

Honda CBR- 250R

250cc, 26 Bhp & 23 Nm,  0-100: 8.90 seconds, Pricing: Rs 1.60 lakhs (starting)


The CBR 250R was launched to cater to the entry level performance segment buyer who wanted a sporty and quick bike, yet one that allowed the daily commute as well as the occasional touring. Powering the CBR is a 250cc liquid cooled engine making 26 Bhp & 23 Nm. 0-100 comes up in 8.9 seconds making it really quick.

Royal Enfield Continental GT

535cc, 29 Bhp & 44 Nm, 0-100: 9.4 seconds, Pricing: Rs 1.92 lakhs (starting)

continental gt

The Continental GT is a bike that has a lot of history attached to it. The previous Continental GT was a 250cc one & was the fastest bike of its time in Britain. It had a major part to play in the British motorcycling history. The current GT aim to adds a blend of modern technology to the old design. Powering the GT is a single cylinder air cooled 535cc engine making 29 Bhp & 44 Nm. RE claims that 0-100 comes up in 9.4 seconds. The GT is  offered with Paiolo shocks, Brembo discs & Pirelli Sport Demon tyres.


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