Five Cars That Are Coming Back to India

Seeing your favourite cars come and go is one of the biggest heartbreaks ever. But with every new update, facelift, and generation change, carmakers try to make their products better than before. While we listed five cars that Indian enthusiasts would love to see on Indian roads again in our previous article, this time we talk about five cars that are coming back to India.

First the ones that have been absconding for a while now:

Volkswagen Beetle

Five Cars That Are Coming Back to India

Iconic it might be, but the Beetle’s previous stint in India wasn’t as successful. Far from being a people’s car, the Beetle is now a thing of luxury – both in terms of features as well as the buying price. So when it makes a comeback, albeit in a totally new avatar, the car will have to compete with other premium vehicles around. Thankfully it’s a niche segment and the only real competitors the Beetle has is the Mini Cooper and the Abarth 595 Competizione.

Honda Accord

Five Cars That Are Coming Back to India

After staying absent from the segment for almost two years now, Honda will return with the new Accord. A launch appears likely next year, and apart from the usual 2.4-litre engine, a hybrid version is also being considered. While the Accord has never looked bad, the new version might not set your pulse racing, but it will always be a priced possession in your garage, like a Honda should be. Just wish it comes in the V6 flavour, too.

Volkswagen Passat

Five Cars That Are Coming Back to India

Sitting atop the Jetta in VW’s global line-up, the Passat (codenamed B8) is lighter, sharper, and more distinct than before. You won’t mistake it for a Jetta or an erstwhile Phaeton, and if you are inside one, you are likely to not miss any of its compatriots, either. On the technical front, VW has shaved a few kilos (read that 85 kilos, which is a considerable amount!) off it, but has added some boot space and room inside – both of which are essential for a car in this segment. It’s likely to be launched next year.


Ford Endeavour

Five Cars That Are Coming Back to India

Back in the day when the Endeavour was originally introduced in India, it was big, brawny, and boxy – what essentially every SUV wants to be in its life. But over the period, the Endeavour started to look less interesting. It will soon be back (next year) in a more rounded (both literally and figuratively) avatar, one that’s lighter but more capable. Engine range is likely to include a 2.2-litre and a 3.2-litre diesel units. Sure the competition is building up in the segment, but the Endeavour now seems to be ready for all that!

Skoda Superb

Five Cars That Are Coming Back to India

Sharing its platform with the upcoming VW Passat, the Superb has also undergone a makeover. It looks more striking than before, but comes with huge space inside. Engine options are likely to be carried over from the current car, but the unique dual boot mechanism makes way for a conventional hatchback. Irrespective of their shapes and sizes, Skodas are dynamically sound, and the Superb will stay true to that reputation.