Five cars that look better with a body kit 

More often than not the overuse of body kits make for more horrifying designs than the originals, but the tasteful ones not just make the car stand out, they also ensure their addition complements the design. We look at five cars under Rs 10 lakhs that look better with an added body kit.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Maruti Swift with body kit 2

Its age might be catching up, but the Swift can still stop you in your tracks, especially in its body-kitted avatar. While Maruti Suzuki’s special editions aren’t as special as they must be, there are a lot of aftermarket options available for the Swift. It might no longer be the best option in the segment, but if you own one, add a good-looking body kit to it and let it do the magic for you.

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo Body Kit

Volkswagen has given the Polo a facelift or two but nothing major has been done to the overall design. It sits on the fine line between boring and mature design, but add a bodykit and its racer genes will thank you. The company did launch something called Polo SR as a special edition back in the day. The engines weren’t powerful enough to do justice to the looks, but if you have a GT TSI now, the body kit should work really well.

Honda Jazz


Honda tuner Mugen has a great line-up of parts for cars like the Jazz and the City. While the City fails to look as good, the addition of a bodykit and larger wheels makes the Jazz a lot more special than it is in the stock form. While the car doesn’t get a mad engine underneath the bonnet, the 1.2-litre works fine for everyday driving and the diesel adds to the vehicle’s touring capabilities. The City, on the other hand, looks a bit incomplete.


Honda Brio

Honda Brio bodykit

Honda India might not give the Brio an RS version or a body kit but the Brio’s presence in the international market ensures that it doesn’t go unnoticed in the tuners’ radar. The aftermarket body kit and alloys give it the character the stock car desperately needs in terms of design. And as far as powerplants go, the 1.2-litre unit is peppy enough to keep up with the looks, isn’t it?

Chevrolet Beat



Its appearance in Transformers might have done it some favour, but even in the stock form, the Beat looks good. A replacement is around the corner but add a body kit to the current car and like the Swift, it will continue to look striking for a few more years. It’s no hot hatch, the Beat, but it does offer adequate performance for everyday driving.

Body kit equipped cars that can be bought now:

Honda Mobilio RS

Honda Mobilio RS

The Mobilio might be an MPV, but the 1.5-litre petrol version is relatively more fun to drive, and the body dynamics aren’t bad, either. So why not add a bodykit to it? Well, that’s what Honda has done. The RS is the top-spec trim and comes with an added body kit. You can buy one off the showrooms.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz RS

Maruti Ciaz with body kit

Another vehicle that can be bought off the company dealerships with a body kit preinstalled is the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz RS. It drives well, is lightweight but doesn’t miss out on the stability, and with a body kit, it looks better than the standard version. Drop it a few millimetres and the car will look much better, like the modified example above.