Five Compact SUVs To Look Forward To

Snapshot – Compact SUVs in the sub-4 meter class bring an all-new element of affordability to the SUV segment in India. Over the next couple of years, a slew of compact SUVs will be made available up for the car buyer in this country. CarToq picks out 5 such sub-4 meter options that are to be launched over the next 18 months.

Mahindra Thar Facelift

Five Compact SUVs To Look Forward To

The Mahindra Thar Facelift is months away from a launch in India. A sub-4 meter SUV offering with a lusty 2.5 liter turbo diesel engine that’s good for 105 Bhp-247 Nm, the Thar oozes macho. While the larger engine means that the off roader isn’t eligible for duty concessions, the engine’s grunty character gives this Jeep lookalike an appeal that’s hard to resist. The facelift will revamp the interiors of the SUV, while also adding a new soft top design and more effective mechanical aggregates. The facelifted version is likely to command a higher price tag.

Maruti Suzuki YBA/XA Alpha

Five Compact SUVs To Look Forward To
CarToq’s Speculative Render of the Maruti Suzuki YBA (XA-Alpha) Compact SUV

The Maruti Suzuki YBA code-named SUV will productionize the XA Alpha concept, which made its show debut in 2012.  The YBA compact SUV will feature a sub-4 meter footprint and is expected to use the 1.2 liter K-Series petrol and 1.3 liter Multijet turbo diesel engines. The SUV will be sold pre-dominantly in front wheel drive guise, with a monocoque chassis to boot. An all wheel drive layout could also be offered as an option. The YBA will be launched in early 2016, with the upcoming Auto Expo said to be the big stage for the compact SUV’s unveil.

Mahindra S101 Micro SUV

Five Compact SUVs To Look Forward To

The Mahindra S101 will be India’s first Micro SUV. Due to be launched later this year, the S101 will be sold with petrol and turbo diesel engine options. These engines are said to be jointly developed by Ssangyong and Mahindra. Room for six adults with a 3+3 seat layout is an unique aspect of this vehicle, which aims to lure B-Segment hatchback buyers. Sharp pricing, right in B-Segment hatchback territory, is likely for Mahindra’s first Micro SUV. The vehicle will feature a front wheel drive layout and a monocoque body. It remains to be seen whether Mahindra offers an automated manual transmission (AMT) unit on the S101.

Mahindra U301 Bolero

Five Compact SUVs To Look Forward To
CarToq’s speculative render of the U301 Mahindra Bolero Compact SUV, which is due for late 2015 launch

The U301 code-named Mahindra Bolero will be the latest interpretation of India’s best selling MUVs, and also the vehicle’s firm push into proper SUV territory. The ladder frame equipped vehicle will be positioned as the hardier alternative to the likes of the Ford EcoSport and the Renault Duster. In terms of pricing, the EcoSport is likely to feel the heat from the U301 Bolero. Rear wheel drive and four wheel drive layouts are likely to be offered on this sub-4 meter Mahindra, which could use the 1.5 liter twin scroll turbocharger equipped diesel engine borrowed from the Quanto.

Tata Nexon

Five Compact SUVs To Look Forward To

The Nexon will Tata Motors’ first entry into India’s compact SUV segment. The crossover was showcased at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo. Production is expected to start in 2016. Turbocharged petrol and diesel engines are likely to be borrowed from the likes of the Zest and the Bolt, as the Nexon is also based on the X1 platform. The Nexon will seat five adults and is expected to have interiors and connectivity options that signify Tata Motors’ push into the future. The Nexon will rival the Ford EcoSport and is expected to be priced in a similar bracket as the American compact SUV.