Five good ideas to modify a Maruti Gypsy!

The Maruti Gypsy is one vehicle that catches the fancy of many enthusiasts, as it lends itself to modification quite well. The Gypsy King is available in stock condition in both hard top and soft-top format, but is devoid of features.

The Gypsy is a competent offroader, powered by a 1.3 litre petrol engine that puts out 80 bhp of power and 103 Nm of torque. It doesn’t seem like much, but when coupled with the Gypsy’s fantastic part-time 4×4 system with low-ratio gearbox and huge 210 mm of ground clearance on a light-weight 985 Kg body, the entire package is almost unbeatable off-road. The Gypsy is one of the most award-winning rally vehicles in India. Also see: Performance modifications for your car, under Rs 50,000!

Buying a Gypsy and running it in stock format makes little sense, as it’s not really a practical vehicle for everyday use as it has no features. No power steering, no air-conditioning, nothing. That’s where modifications come in. One can fit canopies, half bodies or just go all out and make it a monster truck. And better still if it’s on a used Gypsy, as good deals are available for as little as Rs. 1.5 lakh in the market.

CarToq sifted through hundreds of modified Gypsy pictures to get you 5 cool styles to mod your vehicle after.

Short-cabin soft top (Mojave Gypsy)

This is a design that was done by Autopsyche of Delhi called the Mojave Gypsy. It features a soft-top Gypsy King that has been given customized fenders and a customized top, retaining seating for four occupants. The vehicle’s suspension has also been modified and it has been given a 2-inch lift all around. The addition of 31-inch mud-terrain tyres make it look quite mean. See the entire setup here.

maruti suzuki gypsy custom photo

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Rally cabin

The most-common Gypsy modification is the rally-cab style. A stock Gypsy can be taken, remove the soft top and bolt on a rally cab. This plain fibre-glass cabin alone will cost about Rs. 70,000. You can then add a roll-cage either internal or external. This rally-cab modification will make the seven-seater Gypsy into a two seater, as the external load bay can only be used to store the spare wheel, fuel cans and tools.


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Off-road King

If you don’t want to alter the basic body style of the Gypsy, but instead want to make it an even more competent off-roader, this is one type of modification you can choose to do. Increase the ground clearance by about 2-inches all around by either adding a body-lift kit or by doing a spring-over-axle modification, where the leaf-springs are fitted above the wheel axle instead of the below axle fitment that it normally comes with. The addition of a snorkel, mud-terrain tyres and external roll cage give it that mean, outdoors, off-road look – something you could take through the rain forests.



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Black and simple

If you want to add just that very subtle touch to your Gypsy, check out this modification by Autopsyche. It comes with a soft top for the rear that has been lowered in height and the seats have been modified. The cabin is done in a metal top. The front bumper and rear bumper too have been changed, but the overall impact is stunning. The Gypsy looks very much at home in the urban environment.



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The Zuk

This was a Gypsy King that started out as a stock soft-top, but Raj Kapoor of Performance Auto Noida turned it into a monster that was virtually indestructible off-road. The modifications carried out this Gypsy have nearly doubled the cost of the vehicle, but are well worth it. The Zuk has an all-new suspension design – using trailing arms with coil springs instead of leaf springs and with 35-inch mud-terrain tyres. It gets a snorkel and lockable differentials as well. And then there’s a winch to complete the package. If you are a complete off-roader, this is the kind of vehicle that will get you anywhere.


Modified by: Performance Auto

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Tell us, which of these Gypsy modifications do you like the most?

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