Five modified compact SUVs that make their stock versions look boring

Five modified compact SUVs that make their stock versions look boring

Most of the cars we drive aren’t built by hand, nor do they come with Rolls Royce like customisation options. And while your car remains special to you, in reality there are a few hundred, thousand, or even lakhs of identical vehicles out there. And that can be quite bothersome for a lot of us. We take a look at five modified versions of compact SUVs (a growing and very popular segment) that outshine their stock versions in the looks department.

Ford EcoSport custom by DC Design

Ford EcoSport DC Design front

Regardless of which decade you were born in, it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t heard of DC Design. Set up by (and named after) Mr Dilip Chhabria, DC Design is one of the very few go-to automotive design and customisation houses in India – it’s no surprise that we haven’t featured one but two of their creations in the list.

Ford EcoSport DC Design interior

The Ford EcoSport by DC Design might have retained the original shape of the EcoSport but comes with a lot of changes. On the outside, it looks less conventional and more unique. It also gets vastly revamped interior, complete with individual seats for rear passengers – it’s a 2+2 seater.

The uniqueness has certainly allowed it to become a bit gaudy, which might not suit everyone.

Ford EcoSport ‘Beast’

Ford EcoSport custom Beast Concept

If you find DC’s EcoSport a bit too loud, there’s the EcoSport custom concept that Ford showcased last year. Fittingly called the Beast, the concept isn’t too different from the regular car, but isn’t as mean as the Storm concept.

The changes on the EcoSport Beast include a pearlescent white paintjob, contrasting black alloy wheels and accents, and a bonnet scoop. Shod with 18-inch wheels, the customised vehicle can easily be turned into reality.

Dealer-customised Renault Duster

Renault Duster modified front

Renault Duster is already very popular and it attracts all sorts of modifications, from simple alloy wheel and tyre replacements to out-and-out off-roader customisations.

Renault Duster modified side

(Photo courtesy: IndianAutosBlog)

The one we have here sits in the middle of the two. It’s neither too plain nor too loud, although the matte blue wrap is borderline loud.

Showcased by a dealer last year, the custom Duster gets a two-tone black and blue paint wrap. LED head and taillamps, 20-inch wheels, and an inflatable carrier complete the list of mods.

DC Design Renault Duster

Renault Duster DC Design front

Much like the EcoSport custom by DC, the modified Renault Duster has undergone a transformation. Although the changes here are as extensive, the modified Duster looks marginally better.

Renault Duster DC Design custom interior

The conventional headlamps are gone, but again the familiar shape of the grille works in its favour. On the inside, things aren’t subtle by any means. Faux wood and leather is abundant, but sadly doesn’t go well with the almost understated exterior styling.

Fully kitted Mahindra TUV300

Mahindra TUV300 accessory front

If you thought the tank-inspired styling won’t work for the TUV, this could make your point weaker.

Mahindra TUV300 accessory rear

(Photo courtesy: RushLane)

The TUV might not the best looker, but add all the official accessories, and it begins to look much better. Mud is of course optional, but keep in mind that in this quest to make it look tough, the lack of AWD can leave you stuck.