Five reasons why the Vitara Brezza is the best sub 4-meter SUV you can buy in India today

Five reasons why the Vitara Brezza is the best sub 4-meter SUV you can buy in India today

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India’s largest car manufacturer Maruti has marked their entry into the sub 4m SUV space with the launch of the Vitara Brezza. Here are five solid reasons why we feel it is the best sub 4 m SUV in the market today.

Brilliant value for money

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Maruti surely knows how to price their cars well. Starting at Rs 6.99 lakhs for the diesel base version, the Brezza is very competitively priced. The top of the line Brezza costs Rs 9.54 lakhs (Rs 9.68 lakhs for the dual tone variant). The competitors are a little more expensive.


The Ecosport diesel starts at Rs 7.28 lakhs, the Mahindra TUV300 at Rs 7.37 lakhs & the Mahindra Nuvosport at Rs 7.42 lakhs. This gives the Brezza a clear 28 thousand advantage over its closest rival.


Maruti hasn’t skimped on the features to keep the price down. The top-of-the line Brezza gets a lot of kit. Let’s start off with the segment first features.   Maruti is also offering a navigation system on the Brezza which we found really impressive. The system has a good amount of data stored into it and could be used as an alternative to using google maps on your phone.


The Brezza gets a Smart play infotainment system that is compatible with Apple CarPlay & MirrorLink. This makes the screen double up as your phone for multimedia options. If you’re the sort who likes to listen to music via your phone, this one is the easiest to use. All you need to do is plug the phone in via USB and you are set to go.


The Brezza gets reverse parking camera along with the sensors which makes parking it very easy.

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There are 5 colour options for the instrument cluster which is a good touch to improve the ambience of the car at night.



The Cruise control is a useful feature on the highway.

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With the keyless entry & Start/stop button, you will not need to take the keys out for anything.


The Vitara Brezza is the only car to offer driver’s side airbag as standard on all trims. They also have a safety kit option which can equip even the base trim with dual airbags & ABS which is similar to what Mahindra offers on both the Nuvosport & the TUV.


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The Vitara Brezza is very easy to drive. It has a light clutch which makes it easy to drive in traffic. Even though the Brezza doesn’t seem all that high, the seating position is pretty high, even on the lowest height adjustment. This improves overall visibility. The car has very few blind-spots which makes the driving experience easy. There is a good amount of cubby holes across the cabin. There’s a dead pedal to give your left foot comfort in the long run.

Fuel Economy


How can we talk about Maruti and not have fuel economy mentioned?ARAI figures for the Brezza show that it can do 24.3 kmpl. The Ecosport is the closest rival & achieves 22.7 kmpl. The TUV300 manages only 18.49 kmpl.

The Brezza is powered by the 1.3 liter Multijet engine making 89 Bhp & 200 Nm. The engine may not be the most powerful in the segment, but it certainly doesn’t feel underpowered. It feels punchy.  

After Sales

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Maruti has the most widespread & the most-number of after sales outlets in the country. Also the Brezza will be sold through their normal outlets & not the premium ‘Nexa’ outlets which means getting one would also be easier. Ford has 384 sales & service outlets across 184 cities.