Five stunning styling tweaks by Maruti Swift enthusiasts


Everyone likes to be unique and want a bit of personalisation with their cars as well. But many car enthusiasts take that to the next level, actually giving car makers ideas on what will appeal to their customers. Take a look at owners of the Maruti Swift for instance. The Swift is one of the largest-selling premium hatchbacks in India with a fair bunch of enthusiasts also opting for it because of its performance and handling. However, being the largest-selling premium hatchback also means it’s difficult to make the car stand out in a crowd, unless you do what these enthusiasts have done to their Swifts – some styling tweaks that make the car stand out.

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Dual-tone Swift with contrasting roof

Maruti Suzuki Swift Modified 1

Many say that the Maruti Swift resembles the iconic Mini Cooper to an extent. Enthusiasts think that by following the paint scheme that was once the identity of the Mini Cooper, they can get the Swift to stand out. And yes, this dual-tone contrasting roof actually works to make the car stand out. Getting such a modification done is not really expensive. These days you don’t even have to paint the roof. Instead you can get it wrapped with film in the colour of your choice.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Modified 2

Maruti in India and Suzuki globally have also seen the effect such contrasting colours have on the Swift have and have also from time to time launched limited editions of the Swift (such as the Swift RS) sporting the dual-tone colour scheme.

Blackened alloy wheels

Maruti Suzuki Swift Modified 3

Blacked out alloy wheels give the Swift a really sporty stance. The blackened alloys also do a good job of hiding brake dust quite well. Black alloy wheels contrast nicely with bright colours on the Swift such as white and red. Getting 16-inch alloys for the Swift with low profile tyres not only adds to the sporty handling of the car, but also gives it an even sportier look. For India, however, stick to 15-inches, as low-profile tyres would be pretty uncomfortable on bad roads.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Modified 4


For darker colours though, brushed aluminium alloys or chrome alloys stand out, depending on the level of bling you want to add to the car. A good set of alloy wheels will set you back by about Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000.

Smoked headlamps and projector lights

Maruti Suzuki Swift Modified 5

Maruti does not offer projector headlamps on the Swift as OEM fitment. But if it did, it would completely transform the look of the car. Many car accessory vendors though have caught on to the fad and offer projector headlamps for the Swift – not just projectors, but also smoked headlamps, where the blackened effect adds oodles of style to the car. Smoked headlamps work best with projectors as they don’t affect the reflectors as they do with normal parabolic headlamps, reducing the intensity of the light.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Modified 6


Maruti liked the smoked styling so much that it has incorporated it in the New Maruti Swift Dzire facelift. For Swift enthusiasts, that’s good news, as the headlamps of the Dzire and the Swift are identical – so it’s just a direct swap if you want the smoked styling on your Swift. If you were to buy a pair of projector headlamps with smoked styling after market, they would cost about Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 a pair.


Customised mesh grilles

Maruti Suzuki Swift Modified 7

Changing the grille of the Swift makes a huge difference to the appearance of the car. The normal Swift has a horizontal slat grille, but many enthusiasts change the grille to either a mesh or honey-comb style grille which makes the car look a lot sportier. Some go for chrome, while others prefer a matt-black finish to the grille.

While Maruti does not offer this as OEM fitment, many of Maruti’s dealers launch limited editions from time to time with these mods. The grille is a part that is easy to alter, as it is not a critical part to structural safety of the car and only has to deal with adequate air flow to the radiator. Yet, it is a very important styling element for the car.

Auxiliary and daytime running lamps

Maruti Suzuki Swift Modified 8

Want your car to get noticed? The easiest add-ons for that job are daytime running lights. These are actually essential safety features in countries where visibility is an issue due to fog and haze. In India too daytime running lamps are quite useful especially in winter, when mist and haze makes it difficult to spot a car even during the day. LED daytime running lamps are popular accessories for the Swift in India, while in some countries, they are part of original equipment.