Five things you must NEVER do in your brand new car

Buying a new car is something that is a joyous occasion. Most people save up for a long time to make their purchase. There are a few things though that each person should keep in mind when they buy their new car, to make sure that the car lasts long and doesn’t get messed. Engineering Explained carried a video on things that shouldn’t be done on a brand new car. We explain:

Don’t go full throttle

Five things you must NEVER do in your brand new car

Every manufacturer says that their vehicles should be run-in before you put severe load on them. Yes, there are 2 schools of thought on this. While some believe that you should do it slowly, others believe that running the car in hard will help improve performance. However in the first few kms (500-1000 kms varying from car to car), the driver shouldn’t go full throttle.


As we know that in an engine, there are a lot of moving parts. There is a possibility that since the engine is new, there maybe some imperfections inside the engine, even on a microscopic level. If there are any, they can be dealt with in a slow manner. If you go full throttle, it put a lot of load on the engine. Even supercars have to be run-in by not going really fast initially.

Don’t redline

Five things you must NEVER do in your brand new car

Similar to going full throttle, redlining is something that shouldn’t be done as well. When you are redlining the vehicle, you are adding extra load on the engine as all the parts are running at super high speeds which means that if there is any imperfections, it will cause damage to other parts which wouldn’t have happened if you start off driving slow.

Did you know that Acura runs in the new NSX for its customers before delivering the car? Certainly a great thing to do to make sure the owner can enjoy their car from day one.

Don’t use cruise control

Five things you must NEVER do in your brand new car

As strange as this may sound, the reason behind this is that you want your engine to get used to varied loads while driving. When you are on cruise control, the engine is fixed at a particular rpm and there is no variation of load for a long time. So basically driving too slow for a long time or driving too fast for a long time too isn’t the best way to run-in your vehicle. Make sure to use varied load for the best run-in.

Don’t drive distances where your engine won’t heat up

Five things you must NEVER do in your brand new car

Even on older cars, driving short distances is not recommended. Why? Your car takes time to heat up. It is only when it is up to temperature that everything is functioning fine. Till then, all parts are still trying to get lubricated and the oil is trying to come up to temperature to make sure that it has the best lubrication properties. Driving short distances mean that the engine won’t heat up and that means more wear and tear, especially on a brand new engine.

Don’t overload the vehicle with extra weight

Five things you must NEVER do in your brand new car

Like we mentioned earlier, a new engine is still getting used to all the aggregate components and the working of them. You don’t want to put unnecessary load on the engine when the vehicle is brand new. So overloading or carrying unwanted stuff which is heavy is not advisable when the vehicle is new.

Also, towing other objects and vehicles is also not advisable in a new car before the run-in is complete. Also, brakes and tyres when new aren’t going to provide the best grip so it is better to avoid extra load on these subsystems as well as the suspension.