‘Flying Beast’ Gaurav Taneja checks out Bollywood director’s Batmobile [Video]

Last year, Bollywood director, choreographer and producer Ahmed Khan gifted a customised Batmobile to his wife. Ahmed Khan is known for his work in movies like Heropanti and Baaghi. Till now, we have seen the customised batmobile on the roads and in glimpses when he is out with the vehicle. Here is a video from the Youtuber Flying Beast that shows the Batmobile’s cabin for the first time.

This Batmobile is inspired by Micheal Keaton’s Batman movie, which dates back to 1989. The same Batmobile will soon feature in an upcoming DC movie that will be released next year.

‘Flying Beast’ Gaurav Taneja checks out Bollywood director’s Batmobile [Video]

This is not a made-in-India car. It came from the USA and was assembled in India. The whole car took about 8 months to complete. Gotham Motors, which is a USA based brand manufactures these customised Batmobiles. In India, Mumbai-based Executive ModCar Trendz assembled the vehicle for Ahmed Khan.

‘Flying Beast’ Gaurav Taneja checks out Bollywood director’s Batmobile [Video]

It gest powered by a 4.7-litre petrol engine with twin turbochargers. The engine produces a maximum power of 463 Bhp and a peak torque of 700 Nm. It sure makes the iconic V8 burble.

The video uploaded by Flying Beast shows a glimpse of the cabin of the Batmobile. It gets multiple screens and it is a two-seater car. We are not sure what is displayed on the screens. We are also not sure about the legality of this Batmobile on the Indian roads.

Serum Institute of India also owns a Batmobile His Batmobile is customised as well and is based on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Even Poonawalla takes out the Batmobile on the streets at night.

Affordable Mahindra Xylo based Batmobile

The Batmobile seen here is made by a group of students of Zeal Education Institute, Pune. It costs only Rs 3.48 lakh! The project is funded by the college and is made from scratch by a group of students. The Batmobile looks quite realistic in the videos and it gets all the bling on the outside too.

The Batmobile itself looks like an alien pod with a sharp design all around. It gets an all-black paint job, just like Batman wanted in the movie. The windscreen is also all-black and the body gets a layered design, which looks extremely eye-catchy. Interestingly, the windscreen is opaque and does not lets the driver see outside the car! At the front, it gets four tyres mounted on two single-sided swingarms, which is identical to the Batmobile in the movie. At the rear, the vehicle gets a huge faux jet-propulsion system and huge four-tyres. There’s also a wing mounted on the rear.

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