In future, you will be able to book a FLYING Uber cab right here in India [Video]

With the major cities around the world choking up due to the rapid development and number of cars on the roads, ride-hailing platform – Uber is working to roll out flying cabs. The new vertical known as Uber Elevate plans to launch their first-ever taxi services that will be known as the Uber Air in Los Angeles and Dallas, USA in 2023. The Uber Elevate  CEO has expressed his plans to launch similar services in India too.

Uber Elevate has also announced that they will soon start their testing outside the USA in Melbourne, Australia. It will be the brand’s first international test site for the flying taxi app. Earlier, the company chose the Dubai, UAE as their first international test site but changed it over the delays in the rollout of the program in the Middle-Eastern city.

During the announcement of choosing Melbourne as the first official test site outside the USA, Uber Elevate head, Eric Allison said that India is an important market for Uber Elevate. He also said that they are looking at the potential for launching the Uber Air services in the Indian market in the coming times. India is on the top list of places where the company may launch its services in the next phase of expansion.

However, since the first flying taxi services will start in 2023 in the USA, it may take much longer for the company to launch its services in India. However, according to LiveMint, the Uber Elevate team is already in talking terms with the aviation authorities and a few state governments in India and the launch of the services look promising as of now. India has one of the most congested roads in the world, which is why air taxi services may become a success in the country. With the current testing sessions, Uber says that a journey of 19 km in Melbourne, Australia takes about 25 minutes by road. With Uber Air, the transportation time will only take 10 minutes.

In future, you will be able to book a FLYING Uber cab right here in India [Video]

According to Uber, Air Taxi can actually become much cheaper than driving a car in the future. Uber will use state-of-the-art vertical take-offs and landing in their Air Taxi services, which will ensure to take minimal space for the landings and take-offs. Uber is working with five different aircraft manufacturers who are working relentlessly to develop concept versions of electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft that are built especially for ridesharing. Uber has developed a common reference model based on their requirements, which will serve as the guidelines for the development of the concept models. The Uber eVTOL taxis will be able to cruise at 240 km/h with a range of around 100 km on a single charge. It will have a capacity of 4 riders and one pilot.

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