Flyover on Shimla-Kalka Highway collapses in heavy rain: 2 cars fall off flyover [Video]

We have been getting reports about heavy rains from different part of the country lately. The case is not much different in hilly areas. Recently, a huge chunk of a flyover on Shimla-Kalka highway recently collapsed. A video from the area that has surfaced online is now going viral. It looks like the video was shot seconds after the flyover had collapsed. The incident happened in Himachal Pradesh’s Solan. A portion of the flyover collapsed due landslides caused by heavy rains and cloudbursts in the region.

The video has been shared by MBM News Network on their YouTube channel. In this video, several trucks, cars and other vehicles can be seen on the highway. The traffic has completely come to a stop after a portion of the flyover had collapsed. It looks like the video was recorded few seconds after the bridge was collapsed. The truck drivers and other vehicles are slowly reversing and can be seen trying to get to a safe location.

The video gives a closer look at the destruction after the traffic was cleared. Two vehicles were destroyed in the incident. These vehicles were on the portion where the flyover caved in. According to locals reports, there are no casualties. The highway connects four-lane tunnel on Kalka-Shimla highway and is usually packed with vehicles. After the incident, the tunnel has been closed.

Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Jai Ram Thakur said, “There’s been massive rain in Himachal since last night. All deputy commissioners have been put on alert to report about the damages. There have been infrastructure losses in Kullu and Mandi areas.” In another incident, two people lost their lives in Kullu after their house was hit by debris following a landslide around 9 am in Khadel in Anni Subdivision.

Flyover on Shimla-Kalka Highway collapses in heavy rain: 2 cars fall off flyover [Video]

Driving during rainy season becomes a lot more challenging due to various reasons. If it is not necessary, we would recommend you to not get out with your vehicle during this time. If it unavoidable, then you should ensure that you are driving with caution and slowly. If you are driving on mountain or hilly roads, then things get even more trickier. Riding or driving through mountain roads during rains becomes a lot more riskier. If it rains heavily in this region, there are chances of landslides and when this happens, it destroys everything that comes in its path. Similar things happen when cloudbursts happen in these region.

We would highly recommend you to avoid driving to hill stations during this time of the year due to same reasons. This is not the first time something like this happened in our country. This happens every year and we have features some of these incidents on our website in the past. landslides, flashfloods are all problems that one might face while travelling to the hills during rainy season. In this case, the people travelling on the road were lucky as no casualties have been reported. Most of the roads in these regions are carved out on hills and mountains and the rocks and soil in these region gets loose due to the disturbance caused by the construction.