Food delivery boy with 53 traffic offences finally BUSTED!

The popularity of food delivery apps services like Zomato, Swiggy, and Foodpanda among others has been rising sharply of late and has created a new job sector for various people in India, which is of food delivery agents. These delivery agents have to follow one simple agenda in order to get better at work, which is of delivering the food as quickly as possible. For the same, they are often seen driving pretty quickly if not rashly in order to beat the traffic and reach their delivery point quick. Now, a report by Bangalore Mirror says that the Bengaluru cops have caught hold of a delivery agent who had a total of 52 traffic violation challans on him along with one more for which he was booked this time, taking the total number to 53.

Swiggy Delivery Boy Featured

In order to get rid of all his pending challans, the delivery agent reportedly had to pay a sum of Rs. 5,300. It should be noted that post-July 20, the traffic fines have seen a drastic increase and hence it is sensible to follow traffic rules now. Had the delivery agent committed 53 traffic violations after this date, the total amount of fine would have easily crossed a much higher. Named Anand, the delivery agent was caught by the traffic police near Koramangala Water Tank when he jumped the signal on July 13. When the traffic cop caught hold of Anand, he was shocked to see all the pending challans against Anand. He then went on to hand Anand a foot-long traffic violation fine receipt.

Fine receipts had been sent to him too but he had never paid for the violations. A police officer said:

“Our Head Constable caught hold of him when he tried breaking the signal. A total fine of Rs 5,300 was imposed on him for all the 53 traffic violations, Rs 100 for each violation. Anand works as a food delivery boy and was found to have violated traffic signals at various places in the city after the traffic police checked his record. But he had never paid the fines.”

Another official added

“These days, thanks to the apps, you see a lot of food delivery boys on the road. They are always busy as they need to reach their customers at the earliest. However, in doing so, they are violating several traffic rules. It has become common to see some of them breaking the traffic rules constantly — jumping signals or talking on the mobile phone with their customers while riding. Their stressful work may be the reason for the violation of traffic rules though it should be an exception,”

The government recently passed an amendment which increased the fines on traffic offenders by tenfolds. The fine amount for driving without a valid license was earlier pegged at Rs. 500. but has now been increased to nearly Rs. 5,000. Similarly, the fine for talking on the mobile phone while driving/riding is around Rs. 5,000 now and for drunk driving/riding, the fine stands at Rs. 10,000. Therefore, it is advised to follow the traffic rules not only to avoid the hefty fines but also to keep yourself safe.