5 reasons why leaving food in your car is so risky

Many people leave food items in their vehicle by mistake or intentionally. A lot of people do not realise how risky it can be. The temperature in the vehicle can increase significantly, which leads to various other things that we will explain later. Food attracts a lot of attention and even simple plastic bottles can be dangerous when kept in your car. So, today we list down 5 reasons why leaving food in your car can be so risky.


5 reasons why leaving food in your car is so risky

Rats are one of the most dangerous animals for a car. The food lying in the car will attract the rodents which will lead them to the car. If they manage to get into the vehicle they can damage the wiring, upholstery, air conditioning, engine etc. Repairing these parts of the car will cost you a lot of money. There are multiple ways through which the rats can enter your car. For instance, air conditioning vents, boot, dashboard compartment, air filter boxes, engine bay etc. These are some of the potential areas where a rat can enter. If rats start to build a nest and multiply, then you won’t be able to drive your vehicle because of them and it would take a lot of effort to remove them from the car as the service centre might have to strip down because they will be present at multiple places.

Foul smell

5 reasons why leaving food in your car is so risky

When the food kept in the car for multiple days starts rotting and then starts producing a foul smell. The smell, in turn, can attract various animals which can again damage your car. Sometimes, the foul smell is so strong that it does not go away for weeks, which can become very irritating as you won’t be able to drive your own vehicle. To remove the smell you can leave an open box of baking soda in the car which might soak up the bad smell.


Spreads bacteria

5 reasons why leaving food in your car is so risky

As the car sits under the sun, the temperature inside the car starts rising due to which it makes preferable conditions for the bacteria to start growing. Bacteria need heat and humidity to grow and because of the sun, the car becomes a perfect environment for them to grow. The longer the car sits under the sun, the more the bacteria grows. So, always ensure that you are not leaving any edible thing in the cabin of the car. So, to kill the germs, the person would need to clean the vehicle with an antiseptic cleaner.


Food poisoning

5 reasons why leaving food in your car is so risky

Food poisoning is an outcome of bacteria spreading. The bacteria start spreading from food and if a person eats that food item, there is a high chance that he or she will suffer from food poisoning. Animal products like fish and meat are more prone to cause food poisoning than dairy products because most of the dairy products are pasteurized.

Bottle fire

This might sound weird at first, but yes there have been such incidents where the upholstery of the car caught fire because of a water bottle. The plastic area of the bottle can act as glass and can refract the sunlight on the upholstery. This happens because the water in the plastic bottle acts as a lens that concentrates the sun’s heat at one point which can increase the temperature and cause a fire eventually.