Force Cruiser based Caravan available for rent: Sleeps 3

In India, RV culture has not been that popular. In western countries people have been doing this for years and there is a huge following for such activities. Now, we have started seeing the same caravan or RV culture in India too. There are several YouTubers who have modified or bought caravans for exploring parts of the country. This is actually a one a kind experience and not everyone can be comfortable doing this. Here we have a video, that shows a Force Cruiser that has been converted into a Caravan. The best part about this, is that it is available for rent.

The video has been uploaded by DDS on their YouTube channel. The vloggers starts by showing the Force Cruiser MUV. The Cruiser has been completely modified by Carvaa Travelers who are promoting motorhome culture in India. They have modified or customised several vehicles for this purpose. The Force Cruiser seen in the video actually looks like a stock vehicle with a simple camo green paint job on the outside but, things soon change when they show the interiors.

The front can easily accommodate three people as there is a bench seat at the front. This is where the driver can sleep. There is a partition between the front and rear. To access the rear section, you can either open the rear door or open the boot. Inside, the cabin, there is a toilet which can also be used as a bathroom if needed. There are several cabinets with refrigerators, cutlery and other items. Right next to that is the kitchen counter with a stove fixed on the counter. The sink is also placed next to the stove.

Force Cruiser based Caravan available for rent: Sleeps 3

According to the vloggers, this motorhome comes from Carvaa comes as a whole package and the gas, water and all the other things are responsibility of the driver. There is a bench seat inside the cabin which can be converted into a bed and a fully grown person can comfortably sleep there. the roof of the MUV can be lifted up with a single touch and this creates more space on the inside. The roof now has another bed which can accommodate two people. Carvaa is also providing a tent which can be set up outside the car if needed. With the roof lifted, there is so much space that a person can easily stand inside the car.

This is literally a tent on wheels. The main benefit of renting this van on a road trip is that whenever you find a great location you can enjoy it to the fullest without worrying about getting back to the hotel room. The location itself could be the hotel room for the day. There is an inverter installed inside the van that helps in the working of all the electrical equipment inside the MUV. There is a drawback however. The Force Cruiser seen in the video does not get air conditioning which might becomes a problem especially during Indian summers. Force Cruiser is a long vehicle and they have utilised the space inside the vehicle smartly.