Force Gurkha 4X4 gets stuck in sand: Rescued by a tractor [Video]

Tractor rescues Force Gurkha stuck in sand

Off-roading in India is experiencing a surge in popularity, with more enthusiasts seeking thrilling adventures in rugged terrains. This adrenaline-fueled activity has gained traction among adventure seekers, leading to an increase in off-road events, clubs, and specialized vehicles catering to the growing demand for this exciting recreational pursuit. People are also taking their new off-roading vehicles to uncharted terrains and enjoying this activity on their own. However, sometimes this activity can become a headache when vehicles get stuck in precarious situations. Recently, a video of a Force Gurkha stuck in the sand and getting rescued by a tractor was shared online.

The rescue video of the Force Gurkha from a small sand dune has been shared on YouTube by Arun Panwar on their channel. The video starts with the driver, presenter, and some passengers sitting inside the Force Gurkha, attempting to reach the top of a small sand hill. In the beginning, the car can be seen struggling to cross the hill, but after some efforts and route changes, it eventually gets permanently stuck on the hill. The presenter of the video then hops out of the car and helps the driver navigate the SUV through the hill.

Force Gurkha 4X4 gets stuck in sand: Rescued by a tractor [Video]

However, despite numerous efforts and using different off-road modes, the car still fails to come out of the loose sand. Following this, the presenter calls one of his acquaintances to bring a tractor to rescue the Force Gurkha from the loose sand hilltop. In the meantime, the presenter, along with one of his friends, finds the tow hook and attaches it to the metal bumper of the car, where the spot for the tow hook was added by the company. Afterward, the presenter takes a seat in the driver’s seat of the car.

The presenter then notices that the car’s odometer shows it is overheating. He informs the owner of the SUV about this, and they start the car in the hope that its temperature will go down. Following this, they start the SUV, and the temperature does decrease. However, the owner mentions that overheating is apparently one of the biggest issues with the Force Gurkha, as he has read a few stories from the off-road groups he is a part of. As they continue discussing the car, the tractor they called arrives at the location.

Force Gurkha 4X4 gets stuck in sand: Rescued by a tractor [Video]

They guide the tractor and its driver to the spot where the Gurkha was stuck, and after some time, the tractor reaches in front of the Force Gurkha. Moving on in the video, the presenter, the car owner, and their friends tie the rescue rope to the Gurkha and start driving the tractor to bring the Gurkha out of the situation. In the video, it can be seen that even the tractor that came to rescue the SUV also gets stuck despite the combined effort of both vehicles.

After a lot of effort, the tractor finally takes the Force Gurkha out of the sticky situation. The presenter appreciates the efforts of the tractor and then shows it leaving the place. However, as soon as he pans the camera towards the tractor, the tractor gets stuck. Thankfully, the tractor driver is skilled enough, and after going back and forth in the same place for some time, he manages to bring the tractor out without any help from the Gurkha.