Force Gurkha climbing stairs takes EXTREME to an all new level [Video]

Force Gurkha has always been known as one of the most capable vehicles in the segment. The Gurkha competes with the likes of Mahindra Thar and many prefer the Gurkha because of its sportier looks and extreme capability. How capable is the Gurkha in real life? Here’s a video that shows just that.

What is happening here?

The Force Gurkha can be seen entering a waterbody and crossing it effortlessly. The water level rises quite high and almost reaches the top of the bonnet. The Gurkha comes out of the water and heads straight to the stairs on the side. The SUV then crosses all the stairs leading to the waterbody and comes out without breaking a sweat.

The Force Gurkha is quite capable and is powered by a 2.6-litre, four-cylinder diesel engine that produces a maximum power of 85 Bhp and a peak torque of 230 Nm. It gets a 4WD system with a low-ratio transfer case that makes the vehicle even more capable. The low-ratio transfer case multiplies the torque output of the vehicle, which can make it go through sticky surfaces like slush, mud or snow. The vehicle effortlessly climbs the stairs too, which shows the big approach and departure angles of the vehicle. The Force Gurkha seen in the video is in stock condition and belongs to the pre-facelift era of 2013.

Force Motors also offers a factory-fitted snorkel with the Gurkha that enables the Gurkha to go through a depth of 550mm without any problem. It also gets differential locks that help the vehicle get out of challenging situations. The differential lock supplies power only to the wheel that is not moving freely.

The Gurkha’s G-Wagen-inspired design also wins a lot of customers. The vehicle gets a straight boxy design similar to the Mercedes-AMG G-Class. Many customers in the past have transformed their Force Gurkhas to G-Wagens in India.

Can other SUVs do it too?

Yes, if the vehicle has deep water wading capability and high approach and departure angles, crossing such terrains is not a big problem. The low-ratio transfer case also comes into play and provides enough power to the vehicle to go through any such terrain.