Force Gurkha tastefully transformed into a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen [Video]

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen remains a dream of many enthusiasts. The hardcore off-roader from the German brand is known for carrying on its iconic shape since its inception. However, the humongous price tag on the G-Wagen keeps it out of reach of many enthusiasts. To overcome the price tag problem, many choose to go for full-body transformations of G-Wagen. These transformation jobs are based on mass-segment vehicles like the Mahindra Bolero. Here is one more such transformation based on the Force Gurkha and it comes from Punjab.

The video by Dayakaran vlogs gives out all the details about the car including the modification list. To start with, the G-Wagen seen in the video is based on a brand-new Force Gurkha. A lot of changes have been done to the vehicle to make it look like the super-expensive G-Wagen. At the front, it gets a new bumper, new bonnet and new grille, which will remind you of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. All these parts have been fabricated to ensure that it looks as close to the original vehicle. The roof of the Force Gurkha has been flattened out too.

At the side, it gets flared wheel arches, which again have been put to give the true G-Wagen look. Also, the body shape has been moulded to match the contours of the G-Wagen. At the rear, it gets a new bumper and a set of new lamps. Also, to give the true G-Wagen feeling to the vehicle, it gets a large window on the sides. The split windows of the Gurkha have been modified and have been merged into one.

The interior of the Force Gurkha has been completely revamped too. It gets all leather seats and the upholstery including the door pads, floor and the roof gets all leather. The tan coloured leather all over the interior gets diamond stitching. The roof gets dual sunroof too. The dashboard remains stock and there are no changes done to it.

The attention to details given to the Force Gurkha is quite extreme. It gets G-Wagen-inspired front indicators mounted on the front bonnet. Even the front grille of the car looks very similar to the stock G-Wagen. Even the headlamps are round in shape and get the LED DRL similar to the G-Wagen.

The Force Gurkha’s engine remains stock. It should be noted that Force Gurkha gets Mercedes-Benz OM611-derived engine. The Force Gurkha gets 2.2-litre diesel engine powering the latest version of the Gurkha gets 140 Bhp and peak torque of 321 Nm. The car also gets Mercedes-Benz G32 five-speed manual transmission via dual-mass flywheel. The exact cost of the modification is not known but it should be around Rs 4-5 lakh. The original G-Wagen costs close to Rs 2 crore.