Force Gurkha RESCUES 9 ton tipper truck [Video]

The treacherous mountain roads in the parts of the Himalayan range can test the skills of the best drivers in the world. Often, heavy vehicles like truck and busses can get stuck on the bad roads in the mountains, and the rescue vehicles can be hours away. Here is a video that shows a humble Force Gurkha taking up a rescue mission like a boss and saving an Eicher 10.80 tipper truck that is stuck on a bad road in the Himalayan region. The Indian truckers are the lifeline of the country and take on the worst terrains. Even though trucks are quite capable, they can get stuck too due to various reasons.

The exact location of this rescue is not known, but the video is likely to be from Himachal Pradesh region. The tipper truck does not look like loaded, but even then the gross weight of the truck is close to 9 ton, which is extremely heavy. Due to the lack of space on the narrow road, the Force Gurkha decided to rescue the truck in reverse. The video by Himalayan Orchard shows that a towing rope is used to anchor the front of the truck to the front of the Gurkha.

Due to the bad road condition, the Force Gurkha’s wheels start to slip and the rear wheel of the vehicle slides towards the edge of the road. However, the driver of the Force Gurkha re-positioned the car and re-attempted to rescue the truck in reverse gear. After a bit of struggle, the truck comes out of the situation, and everyone applauded the Gurkha for its power.

Force Gurkha RESCUES 9 ton tipper truck [Video]

Force Gurkha is well-known in the Indian market, and the off-road enthusiasts prefer it because of its capabilities. Most of the Force Gurkha SUVs that are sold in the market are modified to suit the off-road tracks, but the vehicle seen in this video seems like in stock condition. The Force Gurkha is famous for its uncanny resemblance to the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen SUV. Force launched a more powerful version of the Gurkha in the Indian market last year, but the model seen in the video is the pre-facelifted version powered by a lower power engine.

The Gurkha seen in the video gets powered by a 2.6-litre turbocharged diesel engine that produces a maximum power of 80 Bhp and peak torque of 230 Nm. It gets 4X4 setup with a low-ratio transfer case. It is the torque of the engine that makes it capable enough to tow such a heavy truck. Also, the low-ratio transfer case multiplies the torque output that helps the vehicle during extreme off-roading. Engaging the low-ratio gear ensures loads of torque, which also helps to tow such heavy loads.

Just to put things in perspective, the GVW of Force Gurkha is 2775kg, and the Eicher Tipper 1080 weighs 8740 ton. The Gurkha was able to tow a vehicle which is more than 3times heavier, which is exceptional. However, in the past, many cars have pulled much heavier vehicles. A Tata Hexa pulled a full-size passenger aircraft in India while Land Rover Discovery Sport created a world record by pulling a 100-ton train.