Force Gurkha with camping set-up is all you need for your vacation

Force Gurkha is a very capable vehicle and can take on the most difficult terrains. The vehicle comes with a lot of advantages like a hardtop roof and a factory-fitted snorkel. However, the Gurkha has remained one of the most underrated vehicles in the Indian automotive market and not as many of them are modified as the close competitor Mahindra Thar.

Here is a highly modified Force Gurkha by Bimbra 4X4 that gets an inbuilt tent mounted to roof for all the camping needs! The total cost of the modification job is around Rs. 7 lakhs and you can contact Bimbra 4X4 directly for more details.

Force Gurkha 1

The modification list is long and the Force Gurkha seen in the video gets a lot of aftermarket equipment. The Force Gurkha looks strikingly similar to the older-generation Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen that gives it a unique look. The vehicle also gets aftermarket front bumper which can is made out of metal for off-roading use. There is an integrated bullbar in the front bumper itself. The bumper also houses and protects the winch, which is concealed in the front bumper itself.

Force Gurkha 2

The vehicle also gets auxiliary lamps mounted on the rooftop. Such lamps can be extremely helpful while doing off-roading in dark conditions. The sides of the Force Gurkha gets thick wheel arches that save the vehicle’s body from any scratches during the off-roading days. At the rear, the vehicle gets two high lift jacks that can be used to recover the vehicle from most challenging situations. There are extra lamps mounted facing the rear of the vehicle too. The whole vehicle gets an external roll cage that will save the occupants if anything goes wrong and the vehicle turns over while driving.

Force Gurkha 5

The Gurkha also gets changes inside and the seats get stitched up in pure leather to give a much better feel. The rear seats have been replaced with front-facing seats and a new armrest has been installed that gets a cooler box to keep any drink cold. Even the dashboard gets pimped up with leather upholstery covering it all through.

The biggest addition to the Force Gurkha is the tent mounted on the top of the vehicle. In folded condition, the tent does not look out of the place and keeps neatly tucked inside the roof rail. Opening it creates a space enough for three adults. There are windows in the tent and a ladder that supports the weight of the tent and allows people to climb inside it. There is also a canopy that opens up to create a shade for relaxing. There are enough lights around the vehicle that keeps everything well-lit.

Force Gurkha 4

While camping is not a very popular activity in India, there are many who love the wilderness and often take their vehicles to the secluded sites. This camp set-up is much easier to unfold and pack than the conventional camps that need a lot of effort.

The modification list goes as follows:

External roll cage
Front bumper
Rear bumper
Wheel arches
Ironman rooftop tent and awning
Procomp steel rims
Yokohama Geolander tyres
Waeco 26ltr refrigerator with compressor
ARB on-board air compressor
Musclelift winch
KC lights 3 sets
Jerry can 20ltr
Roof carrier
Arora Amber led bars
Soundproofed roof and floor and doors
Power windows 4 door
Rear captain seats
Pure leather upholstery on seats
Pure leather on dashboard
Roof lining
Door panels
Floor mats
Interior under seat lights
Switches panel
Navigation entertainment system

You can contact Bimbra 4X4 directly on +91-9810003704 for further details.

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