Force Traveller customised into a Caravan by Motorhome Adventures looks neat [Video]

Caravan or motorhomes only started to become popular in India after the pandemic. The main reason for that was that it allows a person to enjoy the outdoors without actually worrying about booking a hotel room. Many people opt for such options to avoid unwanted contact with other people. Many people modified their existing vehicles to suit their needs while others started renting out such vehicles. Motorhome Adventures is one such venture that has been building and renting caravans and motorhomes for more than 25 years. Here we have a video where they have modified a Force Traveller 4020 into a caravan that has a be for 5 people.

The video has been uploaded by Motorhome Adventures on their YouTube channel. The caravan has been completely finished in matte grey shade and the front grille has been customised in-house. The headlamps are projector units and there are surveillance cameras installed on all four sides of the caravan. The driver cabin gets basic customisation like reupholstered seats, infotainment system, AC and so on. There is a partition wall between the driver cabin and rear.

The windows are all customised and are now larger than before. This gives the cabin an airy look. Towards the rear, there is a provision for an outdoor shower and an inlet for 250 litre fresh water tank can be seen here too. The rear door can be opened to access the genset and the plumbing if in case any issue arises. An LPG water heater is also placed here. Coming to the co-passenger side, the kitchen stove top is neatly placed inside a compartment. Using a sliding mechanism, it can be pulled out an the FRP sink and taps can also be installed for convenience. A compartment to store 2 blast proof gas cylinders can also be seen here.

Force Traveller customised into a Caravan by Motorhome Adventures looks neat [Video]

There is an awning which would protect you from harsh sun and rain. The cabin has used wooden, beige and black theme. The toilet placed towards the rear of the caravan. There is a microwave oven, smart TV, smart music system, LED lights, ambient lights and so on. There are two couches facing the driver and these can be adjusted electrically. There is a beach seat opposite to the couch which is also wrapped in leather. This seat can be converted into a bed and there is another bed in front of the bathroom.

Apart from this, the caravan also offers another bed which drops from the roof. It can be brought down electrically and using a small ladder, one can get on it. The roof of the caravan also opens up to provide a 360 degree view of the surrounding. The roof is lifted using actuators and the roof is designed in-house to reduce the drag and also the overall weight. The finished product does look good and it definitely offers a lot more space for occupants. The caravan can in total seat 9 people and has bed that can accommodate 5 people plus a child. This caravan is suitable for those who love to explore.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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