Ford, Volkswagen and Hyundai announces service support for the Mumbai flood affected vehicles

The recent Mumbai flood has left many vehicles damaged. Car manufacturers are coming up with various plans to support the affected customers. After Mercedes-Benz, manufacturers like Ford and Hyundai have also announced special services to the flood affected vehicles.

Ford, Volkswagen and Hyundai announces service support for the Mumbai flood affected vehicles

Ford India has announced that it will provide various services to the flood affected vehicles in Mumbai. Ford has announced special discounts and has also said that they will absorb the 50% liability of the parts for which the customer will claim insurance. Surveyors from various insurance companies have been stationed at the Ford service centres to provide quick surveys and kick start the work.

Ford also says that they will provide free engine oil replacement and all affected Ford vehicles. It will also provide 50% discount on anti-rust coating on the underbody and a 50% discount on the labour charges for the replacement of parts that are not covered insurance. The company will operate the service centres at extended hours to quickly make the vehicles road-worthy again. Ford is also proving 20% discount on booking self-driving vehicles from Zoomcar if the vehicle repairs take more than 24 hours.

Hyundai has also announced special services. The South Korean brand has deployed special Service Operation Squad and 30 emergency road service vehicles.  Hyundai is also providing complementary road side assistance to the vehicles that have been stranded. Hyundai has said that it will also provide 50% off on the anti rust treatment and replace the engine oil for free. Post insurance claims, Hyundai will support the customers by giving them 50% off on the bills. Hyundai will also provide attractive exchange schemes on the vehicles that have suffered a total loss in the event.

Volkswagen India will also provide free roadside assistance to the affected flood vehicles. Customers can call the Volkswagen assistance for free transportation of their vehicles. VW has also issued a flood repair guideline across dealerships for standardized repair approach. VW will provide interior Gern Kleen treatment at discounted rates while the AC will be disinfected for free to all the customers. VW is monitoring all the service station in the area to provide quick relief to the customers.

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