Ford Aspire Electric sedan launching next year, as 1st new car from Ford-Mahindra alliance

It has by now become fairly well-known that Ford Motor Co. and Mahindra and Mahindra have joined hands to develop electric vehicles for the fast-expanding Indian car market. Now, it has come to light that the first car to come out of the Mahindra-Ford alliance is the Ford Aspire Electric Vehicle (EV). Upon its launch, the Aspire EV will become the cheapest Ford-badged electric car.

Ford Aspire Electric sedan launching next year, as 1st new car from Ford-Mahindra alliance

Times of India, the popular national daily, has reported that the Ford Aspire electric variant will launch in 2019. The report has quoted one of its sources as saying,

Ford has gained tremendously from Mahindra’s strength in electric vehicles technology. The Aspire will be the first to hit the roads and, unlike its existing petrol/diesel version, which is under 4-meters in length, the electric variant will be a longer one. This is being developed jointly, and is an ambitious and bold step. The joint SUV project is at a very advanced stage and while there will be a joint platform, the design will be individual for both the companies in line with their brand philosophies.

Other than the upcoming Ford Aspire Electric, the two companies are also working on a new platform to develop an SUV that will spawn out two versions – one for Ford and other for Mahindra.  While details on the Aspire EV remain sketchy at the moment, there are enough chances of the upcoming Ford borrowing in plenty from the Mahindra Verito Electric.

The Verito Electric offers range of 110 KMs along with a low running-cost of Rs 1.15 per kilometre. The car comes with 72V Lithium-Ion Batteries that are low-maintenance and have a long life. There’s also a fast-charging option and a feature that enables the car run on a low energy to increase the range by another 8 KMs. Like we said, official details are not available at the moment. However, speculations abound that suitable modifications will be made to this electric powertrain for its application in the Aspire.

Stay tuned for the latest news updates on the upcoming Ford Aspire electric vehicle.

Via ET Auto