Vlogger’s interesting way to demonstrate Ford EcoSport SUV’s build quality [Video]

The build quality of Indian cars often gets a “question mark” due to the non-existent safety rules in the country. However, there are manufacturers who are lauded for offering well-built vehicles in the market and Ford is one of such brands present in India. Here is a Ford dealership representative who is using his unique techniques to show you the build quality of the Ford EcoSport.

Ford EcoSport Quality tested

The video put up by Left Lane Driver demonstrates the quality of the door panels and the rear bumper of the Ford EcoSport. To show the tough build quality, the person chooses a unique way. He first opens the rear door of the sub-4m compact-SUV and then hangs on the door and lifts up his legs just like doing “pull-ups”. The person did not reveal his weight but it seems like close to 70kg and putting such a heavyweight just on the hinges of the door, which then works perfectly just as before shows the top-notch materials used by the manufacturer.

He then stands on the rear bumper of the EcoSport without any support and even puts pressure on the part by jumping on it. The bumper remains intact, again speaking volumes about the build quality. He also says that the rear bumper gets reinforced steel that ensures such a heavy build quality of the bumper.

Vlogger’s interesting way to demonstrate Ford EcoSport SUV’s build quality [Video]

The next door panel he chooses to demonstrate his unique experiment is the driver door. He opens the door, puts his foot on the inside door handle panel. He shuts the door to show that there is no misalignment even after climbing on the door panel when it was open.

It should be noted that the Indian-spec Ford EcoSpot is yet to be tested by Global-NCAP safety rating agency. In the Latin-NCAP in 2013, the EcoSport scored a perfect 5-star rating. The current version of the EcoSport was tested by NHTSA in the USA and the vehicle scored 4-stars out of 5. It should be noted that the USA-spec EcoSport is quite different from India and the safety norms in the country are very advanced and critical.

Back home, the Tata Nexon, which is a competitor of the Ford EcoSport became the only Indian car with a 5-star safety rating. The Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza has a 4-star rating. It should be noted that safety rating and build quality are not the same. Safety rating is awarded to a vehicle after crash testing it with a dummy. High safety rating does not mean good build quality. A vehicle with a high safety rating may still develop body rattle over time due to the build quality.

The Ford EcoSport gets a number of safety features in India including the Emergency Calling, which was the segment-first feature when the sub-4m compact SUV was launched in the Indian market. The EcoSport offers 6 airbags, ABS+EBD, traction control and ESP.