Ford EcoSport collides with Mercedes GLC: Here’s the result [Video]

Car buyers in India have now started emphasizing on the build quality of the vehicles too. Manufacturers like Tata and Mahindra are known for it and they are doing it quite well. Accidents can happen to anyone on the road and driving a car which is great in terms of build quality would help you escape with minor injuries in such accidents. Here we have a video where an accident between a Mercedes-Benz GLC and a Ford EcoSport shows how important build quality of a car actually is.

The video has been uploaded Nikhil Rana on their YouTube channel. Ford is known to make cars that are not only good to drive but are well built too. There are several incidents that have proven the superb build quality of Ford cars in the past. Unfortunately, Ford had to exit from our market due to low sales last year. They are still offering services to customers in India. The accident seen here in the video happened in Assam.

According to the video, Mercedes-Benz GLC luxury SUV had rammed into Ford EcoSport in high speed. In the accident both SUVs were damaged. When compared to Ford EcoSport, it looks like Mercedes-Benz GLC is damaged more. The clear picture on how the accident happened in not available. The video shows front-end of the Mercedes-Benz completely damaged. The front grille, headlamps, bumper, bonnet and fenders are all damaged. The Ford EcoSport also got damaged in the accident. The headlamps, fender and a portion of the bonnet was damaged. The grille and the bumper have also received some damage.

Ford EcoSport collides with Mercedes GLC: Here’s the result [Video]


Both Ford EcoSport and the GLC did not get any damage on the windshield and the front-end of both the SUVs absorbed the impact very well. The cabin looks intact on both the SUVs. Ford EcoSport was a very well built car in that price range. It was one of the sturdiest SUVs available on sale in Indian market. There are several accidents of Ford EcoSport reported from different parts of the country. In most of the accidents, the customers or the occupants have walked out from the accident with minor or absolutely no injuries. Thanks to the brilliant build quality of Ford cars. Many customers even bought another Ford car as they were impressed with the sturdy build quality.

In this incident, video mentions that the occupants in both the SUVs were safe after the accident. Ford EcoSport was manufactured by the American car maker in India and was also exported to other countries. In India, we only got a 2WD version but, international markets got a 4WD version of EcoSport. It was available with both petrol and diesel engine options while the petrol version got a manual and automatic transmission, diesel was offered with a manual gearbox only. Ford used to offer cars like Figo, Aspire, EcoSport, Endeavour in the segment. Endeavour was the flagship model from Ford and it was competing with cars like Toyota Fortuner and MG Gloster, Isuzu MU-X in the segment.