Ford EcoSport crosses an overflowing river like a boss: Here’s why it could [Video]

Ford EcoSport, the car that made the sub-4m compact SUV segment popular in India is currently facing a tough challenge from the newly launched models in the segment. The Ford EcoSport was launched in a facelifted version sometime back and currently, it is not as popular as the other vehicles in the segment. Nonetheless, the car offers a lot of things that make the Ford EcoSport one of the best choices in the segment. Here is one such video that highlights the capability of the EcoSport through deep water crossings.

The EcoSport owner Mr Sri Bharath captured the video during their trip around Hyderabad. Since the monsoon has spread all across the country, similar water crossings and overflowing rivers have become a common sight. Also, public roads are waterlogged in many parts of the country.

The video shows that a pick-up truck tried crossing the river from the other bank and got stuck in the between. However, the EcoSport owner tried to cross the river anyway. The car goes bravely through the deep water crossing and comes out successful in the end.

It should be noted that the Ford EcoSport offers one of the highest water wading capability in the segment. The sub-4m compact SUV offers 550mm of water wading depth capability, which makes it extremely capable. 550mm is quite a lot of water. Mahindra Thar offers maximum water wading capability of 500mm while the Force Gurkha and the Isuzu V-Cross offers 550mm. However, it should be noted that the water wading depth of the vehicle does not make it as capable as the Mahindra Thar or the Force Gurkha.

The Ford EcoSport only offers an FWD set-up in India. In many countries, there are 4WD Ford EcoSport available too. Since it an FWD vehicle, it can easily get stuck in the slushy river beds. This is where the 4X4 systems of the Force Gurkha and the Mahindra Thar come into play. The 4X4 systems ensure that even in the vehicle gets stuck in slushy places, the low ratio transfer case alongside the 4X4 wheel set-up will ensure that the vehicle comes out of the difficult situations.

Ford EcoSport crosses an overflowing river like a boss: Here’s why it could [Video]

So does that make the water wading depth of the EcoSport useless? Not at all. Since many parts of India have the great problem of waterlogged streets, the water wading depth will be quite useful in such situations. On tarmac waterlogged roads, the high water wading capability of the EcoSport ensures that the vehicle goes through deep water crossings without any problem.

Ford EcoSport is currently available with three engine options. There are a 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated petrol engine, 1.5-litre turbo-diesel engine and a 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine.