Ford EcoSport Diesel Titanium+: Long term introduction

The EcoSport was launched in 2013 and over the years, got minor updates to keep the ‘fresh’ quotient high and running. November 2017 saw major changes in the vehicle and this is the version you see here with us. Ford sent us the (then) top spec Titanium+ version with the diesel engine on 2nd April 2019 and this is our first, or the introduction report for the vehicle.

1ford Ecosport Long Term Experience

I have always had a soft corner for this compact SUV. Positioned at the higher end of the compact SUV segment, the EcoSport delivers where it matters most, the premium feel. The includes the smoothness on offer, features and the way it feels from a driver’s perspective. And I was more than happy with the fuel type as my daily commute to work and back is as much as 75km! Talking of which, inspite of being a ‘heavy’ compact SUV, she has been delivering a constant 17-19 kmpl as per the display.

Date of arrival: 2nd April 
Odo reading: 17,988
Current reading: 18360
Fuel economy (indicated): 18 kmpl

4ford Ecosport Long Term Experience

We had the Nexon diesel (AMT) with us for three months a while back and the other current long term car at Cartoq is also a diesel, the Ertiga. Driving these vehicles back to back showcases how good the EcoSport is in terms of engine refinement and smoothness. For a passenger, it is hard to tell if there is a diesel engine under the hood! Ford has certainly done a great job in terms of NVH or noise, vibration and harshness levels. Likewise, gearshift action is precise and smooth though the clutch is definitely on the heavie  r side. This is bothersome in start/stop traffic.

6ford Ecosport Long Term Experience

The Titanium+ model rides on 17-inch wheels and I do accept that slow speed ride on broken roads isn’t the best around. But as speeds rise, the ride remains flat without unwanted horizontal and vertical movements. I do plan to take the EcoSport for an extended highway run soon and will be eager to see its high-speed manners. This one gets the 1.5-litre diesel motor that generates 100 horses and offers 205 Nm of torque. Most importantly, turbo lag is well under control and this helps a lot during rush hour commutes. We plan to do a fuel economy run too very soon for our Youtube channel.

2ford Ecosport Long Term Experience

The climate control is a chiller: summers are setting in quickly up North and the Ecosport’s unit is a saviour even when you start the car after it being parked under the sun the entire day. I like the touch reception of the interface too and its audio quality is good but I am facing issues in using Android Auto on this one. My phone, with the same cable, runs Android Auto just fine on the Ertiga and other test cars. I guess I will need to reset the system and then try again. Before I sign off, let me add that the EcoSport had almost 18000 on the odo when it came to us. No unwanted body rattles or suspension squeaks on this one. I will update how it fares with us once I hit the 20,000 mark next month. Stay tuned!