Ford EcoSport gets STUCK but Maruti Alto crosses slippery road easily: We explain why [Video]

There’s really no doubt that driving in the hills is far more challenging than driving in the plains. Other than the narrow roads and the scary thousand feet drop on one side, what often makes driving on the mountain roads really tough is the poor condition of the tarmac. People who are used to driving in these regions have the experience of tackling such challenging road conditions. But drivers from non-hilly regions often struggle to navigate these roads. Here’s a video that shows a rented Ford EcoSport from Delhi struggling on a muddy patch on the Kasol-Tosh road. What’s interesting is that you can see many Maruti Alto 800s managing to cross this patch with ease, while the compact SUV takes several minutes to clear the stretch.

One of the reasons for the EcoSport’s struggle on the muddy patch is the poor condition of its tyres. The tyres on this EcoSport seem to be quite worn out, which means the grip levels they offer aren’t anything to write home about. Hence, there’s really low traction on offer and things get pretty challenging on the rather slippery patch of the road. As you can see in the video, there were many instances of a wheelspin, which not only kills the momentum but further affects the performance of the tyres.

Another reason for the EcoSport repeatedly failing to clear the muddy stretch is the lack of sufficient momentum. The Maruti Alto 800s that found it quite easy to clear the same muddy stretch were clearly travelling at a higher speed than the EcoSport. The EcoSport, on the other hand, doesn’t get enough tarmac to build its momentum before entering the muddy patch. This, combined with the worn-out state of the tyres, compounds the problems for the driver of the compact SUV.

Finally, like we said, most of the locals have experience tackling such obstacles. As seen in the video, the Alto 800s that easily clear this muddy patch seem to be local vehicles. On the other hand, many drivers from the plains don’t have much experience of driving on broken hilly roads. Also, the EcoSport you see above is a rented vehicle, which means there is a strong possibility that the driver is not really used to this vehicle. As a result, he ends up getting stuck on the slippery, muddy surface, and takes his own sweet time to pass through it successfully.

Video source – Snehasis Chatterjee on Youtube

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