Ford EcoSport, Hyundai Verna & Kia Seltos are India’s 3 most exported cars

Many automobile manufacturers who sell their vehicles in India also export them to other countries. According to the latest data, Ford Ecosport is the most exported vehicle from our country. It was also the most exported vehicle last year. The second one being the Hyundai Verna while the third one on the list is the Kia Seltos. This data is between April’20 to Feb’21.

Ford EcoSport, Hyundai Verna & Kia Seltos are India’s 3 most exported cars

Ford exported 37,846 units of Ecosport. This might seem like a good figure but the export numbers were 78,535 units of Ecosport from April’19 to Feb’20. This is 52 percent fewer export numbers than the previous year. While the sales numbers for the Ecosport might not be as strong as other competitors, the Ecosport is the most exported vehicle and compact SUV from the Indian market.

The export numbers for the Hyundai Verna also dipped by 46 percent. From April’19 to Feb’20 Hyundai exported 57,424 units whereas from April’20 to Feb’21 the numbers fell to 30,751 units. The Verna is the most exported mid-size sedan.

Ford EcoSport, Hyundai Verna & Kia Seltos are India’s 3 most exported cars

The only vehicle that saw an increase in exports was the Kia Seltos. The manufacturer exported 18,876 units from April’19 to Feb’20 and 29,162 units from April’20 to Feb’21. This is an increase of 54 percent over the last year. Also, this also makes the Seltos, the most exported mid-size SUV from the Indian market.

Ford EcoSport, Hyundai Verna & Kia Seltos are India’s 3 most exported cars

One of the reasons for the fall in export sales could be the pandemic that the world faced. People just weren’t buying vehicles as some of them wanted to hold down on the money as no one knew what would happen. Most of the countries implemented a mandatory lockdown to restrict people from getting out of their homes. This was done to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

What is interesting is that Hyundai Verna is doing such good numbers. Indian people are not really buying sedans. They are more attracted to SUVs. That is why Hyundai Creta which is a mid-size SUV is doing so well in the Indian market. The Hyundai Verna starts at Rs. 9.10 lakhs ex-showroom and goes all the way up to Rs. 15.19 lakhs ex-showroom.

The Ecosport was in the fifth position in terms of sales numbers of March 2021 but it did manage to lead the export numbers. Ford also launched a new SE variant of the Ecosport which do not come with a tailgate-mounted spare wheel. The SE variant comes with the same tailgate that is sold in the international market. Ford said that they took the feedback from the Indian customers and introduced the new variant. The SE variant sits between the Titanium and S trim. Ford Ecosport starts at Rs. 8.16 Lakhs ex-showroom and goes up to Rs. 11.69 lakhs ex-showroom.

The Kia Seltos is also selling in good numbers in the Indian market. It was the second most selling mid-size SUV in the Indian market after the Hyundai Creta. Kia sold 10,557 units of Seltos in March’21. Before Hyundai launched the new generation Creta, it was the Seltos who was on the top of the list. Kia will soon be updating the Seltos with new features and revamping the variants to make it more competitive in the Indian market.