Ford EcoSport impact on SUV sales in June

The Ford EcoSport has clocked over 30,000 bookings since its launch, but that’s not really what other carmakers are really worried about. What they should be worrying about is the erosion of sales of most other popular SUVs in India in June 2013.

Ford has dispatched 4,002 units of the EcoSport to all its dealers in India, so that’s technically over 4000 Ford EcoSports having been sold in June. Considering the vehicle was officially launched on June 26, when the shocking starting price of Rs. 5.59 lakh was announced, that is indeed a really good number.

However, when you look at that number in perspective against the sales of other SUVs in the country you can actually see the kind of impact the Ford EcoSport has had on sales of popular SUVs. Also read: Ford EcoSport vs MUVs, SUVs, sedans and hatches

Mahindra Scorpio


The sales of the Mahindra Scorpio – which at one time was among the top-sellers in its segment – appear to have been hit last month. The Scorpio had a good run in sales in May, selling 5165 units, fell to 3,628 units in June 2013. Although it may not be a direct correlation with the launch of the Ford EcoSport, there is a fair chance that buyers who were looking at a vehicle with high ground clearance, but really didn’t need the bulk and extra space may have opted for the EcoSport. Also read: Checklist for buying a used Mahindra Scorpio 

Renault Duster


The SUV that most people were closely eyeing to see what effect the launch of the Ford EcoSport would have, was the Renault Duster. Sales of the Renault Duster appear to have been hit slightly by the launch of the Ford EcoSport, with Duster sales dropping by about 600 units to 4,523 units. However, since the EcoSport was launched toward the end of June and Duster deliveries are based on bookings made a couple of months earlier, the real impact would be felt this month onward. Also read: Ford EcoSport vs Renault Duster video comparison 

Mahindra Quanto


The Mahindra Quanto is what one would call collateral damage of the Ford EcoSport’s entry. The Quanto is the one that actually is pretty close in buyer decision parameters to someone looking at the EcoSport. It’s compact, sub-4 metre in size and is positioned as a compact SUV. It looks like the Ford EcoSport has tempted many a Quanto buyer, with the sales of the Mahindra Quanto dropping from 1,279 units in May to only 891 vehicles in June.  Also read: Mahindra Quanto road test and review

Mahindra XUV500


There really isn’t a direct correlation between the Ford EcoSport’s launch and the falling of sales of the Mahindra XUV500. Sales of the Mahindra XUV500 were down to just 1,377 units in June 2013 from 2,144 units in May. Sales of the XUV500 had anyway been steadily declining from the beginning of this year (from 3,721 in January).  Is the XUV500’s heyday over? It’s not the EcoSport really, but probably a slump in overall buyer sentiment, higher prices, and falling rupee that hit sales. Also the new lot of XUV500’s with the reduced price came in only in July. Also read: Mahindra slashes prices on XUV500 

Tata Safari Storme


The sales of the Tata Safari Storme have been cooling off. From a high of 2,045 units in January this year the sales have dropped to just 814 units in June 2013. The Ford EcoSport buyer and the Tata Safari Storme buyer are actually different kinds of people, so there’s not really any direct impact on sales. The drop in sales is again due to a general slowdown, kind of what’s also affecting the Mahindra XUV500. Also read: Tata Safari Storme road test and review 

Sales figures: Team-BHP