Ford EcoSport now available in India with Daytime Running LEDs

Right from the outset, Ford India has been offering a wide range of accessories for its best selling EcoSport crossover. The export versions of the EcoSport come with two key changes in terms of visual features – Daytime Running LEDs and a sunroof. While Ford India is planning to offer the sunroof as an accessory on the EcoSport, the Daytime Running LEDs (DRL) have already made the cut into the India-spec EcoSport’s accessory list.

Ford EcoSport now available in India with Daytime Running LEDs
Ford EcoSport with Daytime Running LEDs


Ford calls the headlamps equipped with DRLs as “Signature Headlamps”. The headlamps equipped with DRLs are priced at 14,000 rupees and this includes the associated wiring required for the DRLs. The DRLs on the Ford EcoSport are situated within the headlamp as a thin strip. DRLs are proving to be a top accessory on the EcoSport gauging by the sheer number of after market parts suppliers offering DRLs for the compact crossover from Ford.

While after market DRLs are about 2,000-3,000 rupees cheaper than the “Signature Headlamps” accessory offered by Ford India, equipping the EcoSport with aftermarket headlamps with DRLs could void warranty if wires have to be spliced to accommodate the daytime running LEDs. So, it’s a safer bet to take the official accessory route if you intend to not run into warranty issues further down the road.

The EcoSport sold in India is available with petrol, turbo petrol and turbo diesel engine options. With the demand particularly high for the diesel engined EcoSport, Ford India is focusing on clearing booking backlogs of the diesel powered models, according the petrol powered EcoSports a lower priority. Many Ford dealerships in India have stopped accepting bookings for the petrol powered EcoSport. Ford exports nearly 40 % of the EcoSports built in India to markets abroad, a reason why the waiting periods for the crossover continue to stay firm.