Mumbai crowd helps put overturned Ford EcoSport SUV back on its wheels

A video that is going viral on the Internet shows the spirit of the people and how helping fellow motorists can solve a lot of problems. The video is from Mumbai but the exact location and details are not known.

In the video, you can watch a few people gathered around the overturned Ford EcoSport and there are policemen too. The cops block the traffic to ensure that there is no mishap. Then the video shows that everyone come together to push the Ford EcoSport from its right side.

There are about 14 people including the civilians and policemen who push together on the road. The EcoSport first flips to its side. Then someone can be heard saying that they need to push it again. After everyone present at the site pushed the car again, this time from its roof side, it just popped right on its tyres.

But how did it happen?

Mumbai crowd helps put overturned Ford EcoSport SUV back on its wheels

While the video is going viral on the Internet, there is no clarity on how it happened. You should note that it is raining in Maharashtra and quite a few accidents are happening due to the wet road conditions. It is quite possible that the EcoSport skidded on the road and overturned.

It does not seem like that the EcoSport had hit any other vehicle or an object on the road. There is no other damaged vehicle around and the EcoSport is not damaged in a big way too. So the only possible reason can be a tyre burst at a high speed or changing direction at a very high speed on the road.

Doors still functioning

Global NCAP is yet to test the Indian-spec Ford EcoSport but the international version carries a four-star rating from the NCAP. The Ford EcoSport is considered one of the strongly built models in India. After everyone pushed the EcoSport back to its wheels, someone went and opened the driver-side door.

The door operation was quite normal and it did not get stuck anywhere. Generally, in the cases of car overturning, the roof caves in and the doors get jammed. That is why it is always recommended to keep a glass breaker handy to tackle such situations.

The EcoSport did not face any such problems. It also seems like no one was injured in this accident and everyone inside the EcoSport came out safely. Even though EcoSport is a very stable car, like every other SUV, it has a heavy top. That makes the SUVs prone to tilt over and fall. This is why people should be more careful when they drive SUVs, especially when they change from a sedan.

If you have any information about this incident and how the accident happened, please let us know in the comments section below.