Ford EcoSport prices dropped: Hyundai Venue effect

The competition in the sub-4m compact SUV is becoming extremely aggressive with the new launches. After Mahindra launched the all-new XUV300 in the Indian market earlier this year, Hyundai has launched the all-new Venue in the market. Both Mahindra XUV300 and the Hyundai Venue have become quite popular in the segment and have already climbed up the sales chart. The all-new Hyundai Venue has become the second-best seller while the Mahindra XUV300 is the third best-seller in the segment. Ford has now dropped the prices to make the model more attractive to the buyers. Is it the Hyundai Venue effect?

Ford EcoSport prices dropped: Hyundai Venue effect

Ford introduced the EcoSport Thunder, which is one of the top variants in the line-up of the car. All the other variants have seen reduction in prices. Here is a detailed price list of all the models and the price reduction.

Ford EcoSport Price Old Prices
1.5L TiVCT Petrol MT Ambiente Rs 7.69 lakh Rs 7.83 lakh
1.5L TiVCT Petrol MT Trend Rs 8.49 lakh Rs 8.57 lakh
1.5L TiVCT Petrol MT Titanium Rs 9.28 lakh Rs 9.57 lakh
1.5L TiVCT Petrol MT Thunder Rs 10.18 lakh
1.5L TiVCT Petrol MT Titanium+ Rs 10.18 lakh Rs 10.53 lakh
1.5L TiVCT Petrol AT Titanium+ Rs 11.08 lakh Rs 11.37 lakh
1.0L TiVCT EcoBoost S Rs 10.83 lakh Rs 11.38 lakh
1.5L TDCi Diesel MT Ambiente Rs 8.19 lakh Rs 8.43 lakh
1.5L TDCi Diesel MT Trend Rs 8.99 lakh Rs 9.17 lakh
1.5L TDCi Diesel MT Titanium Rs 9.78 lakh Rs 10.15 lakh
1.5L TDCi Diesel MT Thunder Rs 10.68 lakh
1.5L TDCi Diesel MT Titanium+ Rs 10.68 lakh Rs 11.05 lakh
1.5L TDCi Diesel MT S Rs 11.33 lakh Rs 11.90 lakh

The maximum price drop is of Rs 57,000 of the top-end Diesel S variant. The version now costs Rs 11.33 lakh instead of Rs 11.9 lakh. The base price of the Ford EcoSport now starts at Rs 7.69 lakh instead of Rs 7.83 lakh. It should be noted that the Hyundai Venue starts at Rs 6.5 lakh, which is just Rs 1,000 more than the Tata Nexon. The Mahindra XUV is the most expensive SUV in the segment with the prices starting at Rs 7.9 lakh, ex-showroom.

Ford EcoSport prices dropped: Hyundai Venue effect

It should be noted that Ford has also changed the feature-list of the variants to reduce the overall cost. The new price is effective for the new stock in the dealerships. Instead, the new Thunder edition gets a feature-rich brochure. The Thunder variant replaces the Signature trim and gets special features like blacked out headlamps, lamp bezels, grille and wing mirrors. It also gets a dark decal on the bonnet and other features like 17-inch machined alloy wheels among others.

The engine and transmission option of the Ford EcoSport remains unchanged. It gets the 1.5-litre Dragon petrol engine, 1.5-litre diesel engine and a 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine. The Ford EcoSport petrol also offers an automatic transmission.

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