Ford EcoSport rolls over 8 times at high-speed: Keeps passengers safe

Even though Ford has left the Indian market and is not selling any new cars, there are numerous loyal customers of the American brand around India. Ford has always been considered a brand that makes safe cars. This accident in Uttar Pradesh proves the same.

This accident is reported by Nikhil Rana and shows a gruesome accident of the Ford EcoSport. The incident happened in Ramnagar and it was a high-speed crash. According to the information, the EcoSport was cruising at a speed of about 70 km/h when a lady suddenly crossed the road. She ran across the road and to save her, the driver of the car did a hard right turn.

Since the EcoSport was doing high speeds, it overturned. According to the information sent by the eyewitness, the EcoSport rolled over about 8 times before coming to a stop in the farming fields. Only the driver and the co-driver’s seats were occupied at the time of the accident and both of them came out of the vehicle without any scratches.

The pictures show how badly damaged the EcoSport is but all the pillars of the vehicle are intact and the door opened too. The airbags opened too. Both the occupants did not suffer a single injury apart from a few scratches on their hands. Both of them had the seatbelt fastened.

SUVs tend to overturn

Ford EcoSport rolls over 8 times at high-speed: Keeps passengers safe

Due to the top-heavy set-up of the SUVs, which is caused by high ground clearance, they tend to overturn much more than the standard hatchbacks or sedans. One should be extra careful at high speeds while driving SUVs at high-speed.

Global NCAP did not test the Indian-spec Ford EcoSport but the international version carries a four-star rating from the NCAP. In the Latin-NCAP in 2013, the EcoSport scored a perfect 5-star rating. The current version of the EcoSport was tested by NHTSA in the USA and the vehicle scored 4-stars out of 5. It should be noted that the USA-spec EcoSport is quite different from India and the safety norms in the country are very advanced and critical.

The door operation was quite normal and it did not get stuck anywhere. Generally, in the cases of car overturning, the roof caves in and the doors get jammed. That is why it is always recommended to keep a glass breaker handy to tackle such situations.

The EcoSport did not face any such problems. It also seems like no one was injured in this accident and everyone inside the EcoSport came out safely. Even though EcoSport is a very stable car, like every other SUV, it has a heavy top. That makes the SUVs prone to tilt over and fall. This is why people should be more careful when they drive SUVs, especially when they change from a sedan.

The Ford EcoSport was considered one of the sturdiest cars in India. While Ford has exited the country and does not operate in India, the American brand still provides after-sales service to existing customers. Ford was expected to return to India with a number of CBU import models but the brand is yet to make an official statement of the same.